Your horoscope: What do we eat based on your horoscope? We reveal everything to you!

    Your horoscope: What do we eat based on your horoscope?  We reveal everything to you!

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    Your horoscope: What do we eat based on your horoscope? We reveal everything to you!

    This week, before you sit down at the table or go shopping, you should look at your horoscope. It may sound strange to you, but expert astrologers have decided to give us all special advice to know what we eat based on our zodiac sign.

    Here’s what you can eat and what might be best to avoid based on your sign: The secret.

    What to eat based on your horoscope Mammeincucina

    Here’s what you should eat based on your horoscope: Everyone has their own food for the week.

    Your horoscope, what you can eat and what you might be better off avoiding

    The cooking horoscope can point you to exactly that What do you want to eat These days, more precisely in The week of March 20-26. So let’s find out which foods are recommended based on your zodiac sign.

    If you are a Taurus You will have a little more free time than melted, so you can too Take pride in preparing those elaborate recipes Which you generally avoid because they are complicated, for example you can make a basic recipe of meat and vegetables or a well-cooked meat. If you are a Virgo, you need to fill up on vitamins with citrus fruits.

    Capricorn will experience days when he is more social than usual and will be able to host friends even at home, or have an aperitif outside. In any case, we suggest that you indulge in this state Spritz and some appetizers.

    Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will have to eat a lot of fish, because during this period they have to put in a lot of mental effort, both at work and in private life, and therefore they will be able to stock up on phosphorous. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius They need a lot of energy, so go to Dried fruits and cheese. Let’s find out what other signs you should be eating based on your sign.

    Recommended foods based on your zodiac sign

    Here’s what you should eat according to your horoscope if you’re a fire sign:

    You are Aries, it seems that these days you will have many professional commitments, so the The suggestion of astrologers is to pick something fast. It is therefore recommended to use oven-cooked pasta, so that it can be prepared in advance and enjoyed even at room temperature, or quick but tasty sandwiches.

    Those born under this sign Lion Until Friday he may have a bit of a down to earth soul but then he will surely recover: it’s time to treat yourself nicely. Sweet chocolate.

    What do we eat according to astrology experts Mammeincucina

    the Sagittarius He will feel very tired and therefore it is necessary to restore his energy by resting well, which is why it is recommended to eat some salads, or fresh dishes based on bresaola, vegetables and lots of spinach, It is rich in iron because this way you will sleep soundly and sleep well and you will also be filled with vitamins and magnesium.

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