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You may not have a job

You may not have a job

Good news for applying for a home loan comes the option that will greatly increase the number of beneficiaries. In fact, it will be possible to apply for a mortgage even without having a salary and, accordingly, without getting a job. Let’s explore this issue together in the next article.


A mortgage allows you to obtain financing for the purchase of a home. Today it is possible to order it even without a stable income. Many dream Buy a house But it is not always possible due to the lack of a stable income that guarantees the repayment of the mortgage. But the music is changing since today: It will actually be possible to get a mortgage even without a double payment. Let’s see how in the next article.

Mortgage without a job: how to get it?


Let’s see first How to get a mortgage without salary support. This possibility is only granted by some financial brokers and there is no guarantee of success for all. A worker, even without a stable income, must be able to guarantee a certain amount of collateral, as well as a good credit history.

Employment Mortgage: Does It Also Apply to Self Employed?

the Self-employed and retired, who do not have a fixed salary, still have to ask for a third-party guarantee. In this case, the latter intervenes if the loan applicant fails to pay one or more loan installments.

Pensioners: how to get a mortgage?

Even retirees can get a mortgage though You do not have a fixed income as an employee But only to retire. However, in this case, banks set a personal limit: they can only issue a loan to pensioners Less than 75 years old.

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What are the financing programs?

Cash cash payments

Some banks offer among their services i financing programs. This possibility allows workers to know in detail all the possibilities available to them in order to access the mortgage, repayment times, any fines, etc.

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