You don’t need an accountant to fill out the F24: do it this way and say goodbye to the cost of consulting

    You don’t need an accountant to fill out the F24: do it this way and say goodbye to the cost of consulting

    How to fill out the Revenue Agency’s Simplified F24 Form: Here are instructions for managing the payment of taxes and fees independently without resorting to an accountant.

    the The F24 model is simplified It is used to pay and offset state, provincial, and local authority taxes, including Imu, Tari, and Tasi.

    It consists of Two equal sides: The first must be kept by the taxpayer, while the second must be delivered to the point where collection is made.

    This simplified form can also be filled out online by connecting to the Revenue Agency portal and using F24 web servicethus saving on bank and postal fees.

    All taxpayers in possession can fill it out Pin from the Revenue Agency The simplified payment will be made through a debit order from the taxpayer’s bank or postal current account.

    How to fill out the simplified F24 form provided by the Revenue Agency

    The first data to be entered is the personal data: under the address taxpayer It is necessary to write down your tax code and other personal data identifying the natural person who is required to pay taxes and fees calculated on the basis of this simplified form.

    The second section is the part to be filled with an extension reason to pay, indicating the recipient of the payment between ER (Treasury), RG (Region), EL (Local Authorities) in the department, tax code, entity code, reference year and amounts followed by two decimal places in each case, rounding. In the case of a single payment, it will be necessary to indicate 0101 in the “Installments / reference month” column, while in the case of an installment payment, it will be necessary to indicate in the column “Instalments / reference month”. The installment to be paid and the number of installments selected. You then need to sign and possibly indicate your IBAN.

    Simplified F24 Compensation Model and IMU: How to Compile It Without Errors

    The F24 model can also be used for Offset between credits and deductions towards the Agenzia delle EntratAnd the. Just remember that the final balance cannot include a credit surplus, but it is possible to close it only with an amount to be paid, even if it is zero. In the case of compensation in the simplified F24 form, the proportional tax code, reference year, and credit amount to be used in compensation for the amount owed must be indicated. Assembling this part is quite intuitive. You can be compensated up to a maximum of €516,456.90.

    The F24 model is also used in push imo, which must be indicated in the reason for payment section with the EL code. At this point, the following lines will be completed by entering the cadastral code of the municipality in which the properties are located, any changes, the number of properties, the reference year and any deductions. Also in this case it is possible to specify whether it is all at once or all at once.

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