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    Want to talk to other people on WhatsApp without providing your phone number? Now you can, thanks to a handy trick that you can easily apply via Instagram

    Over the past few years, Meta group More decisively than ever Instagram. We are talking about what is undoubtedly Mark Zuckerberg’s social network of reference, with ever-increasing numbers and innovations aimed at making the user experience more complete and functional to users’ needs.

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    Trick to talk on WhatsApp without a phone number via Instagram (Adobe stock)

    One of the elements that has been much appreciated in recent months is the interconnection between the various services offered by Meta. between WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram There is now a common thread that everything is always close at hand. Now a trick has also been discovered to be able to talk on WhatsApp without providing your phone number, for which you will need to go to Instagram.

    How to talk on WhatsApp without a phone number, the trick works

    There is a hand trick that few people know that will give you the opportunity to talk to other people The WhatsApp without presenting to you phone number. First you have to pass InstagramUsing the Stories tool. As you already know, among the various possibilities offered by the Meta developer team, there are stickers. Which includes a myriad of features, including link insertion. This is the last item you will need to start the whole process.

    whatsapp instagram 20221002
    Here’s what to do (Adobe Stock)

    Another essential step is to download WhatsApp Business, a platform that allows you to communicate with the outside in the name of the company, company or business you own. Once downloaded, you can connect up to 10 different devices, so anyone you want can manage your chats in real time. But not only because among the many advantages of owning an account of this type, there is also the possibility Get a link to share with others.

    You can then copy and paste it into Instagram Stories, allowing anyone to open a conversation on the messaging platform without having a phone number. To do this, log in to WhatsApp Business, and after pressing the three dots, select Tools and Activities and then direct link. Click the link to copy it, so you can Go to Instagram Stories and paste, Share it with everyone. Nothing is simpler!

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