You can now talk to your AI avatar Annie, she’s a bit scary

    You can now talk to your AI avatar Annie, she’s a bit scary

    Using script bots like ChatGPT will soon be a thing of the past, because these AI systems are already beginning to emerge. Virtual people to talk to. Well, sort of: just look at Annie, a woman we can talk to on a fake video call, and get (in theory) the same responses we get from a text bot.

    Annie at this moment is found to iPhone appAnd if you speak English well enough, you can try to have a conversation with us. The response speed is not bad, but the accuracy and depth of the answers are not always satisfactory.

    Above all, though, watching and listening to Annie talk is downright scary. Yes, because this bot, like many others, is entirely within range strange valleythat is, that area where the robot is almost human, but with such a margin of difference It makes us humans uncomfortablebecause the brain must constantly process the signals it receives.

    The app’s creators claim that talking to Annie “face-to-face in real time” is possible More natural and faster of typing and reading a text.” That may be true, but in my experience I have to say I do it first with the keyboard, avoiding the uncomfortable and tedious waiting, moments of silence in which Annie makes strange expressions as she “thinks.”

    If we’re a couple, it’s going to be one of those moments of awkward silence, one of those moments where, if both of you are doing well, you know you’ve found someone special. But no, with Annie It’s just annoying.

    In any case, it’s worth trying out the app, at least to gain first-hand experience. Also because soon, very soon, systems of this type will be ubiquitous, and they will certainly improve in every aspect. Among other things, the developers said that Anni will soon have a more advanced memory system, so coming back to talk to us will be more familiar, kind of friend – You know the movie Ha?

    Personally, I really hope that improvements will come quickly. Not so much because I wanted to talk to Annie, but because companies were in a rush to apply voice bots to Client care: you call and have to deal with a bot that understands almost nothing and only makes you angry, so you end up holding on just because you know that sooner or later someone is going to get back at you. If the avatar would arrive like this years ago he is working wellIt will be a big step forward.

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