You can cut it in half with one click and save 45 euros

    You can cut it in half with one click and save 45 euros

    The RAI fee is definitely a tax that Italians do not like very much and always causes a lot of controversy.

    Many thought the RAI fee would come off the bill this year to become an independent tax again, but that didn’t happen. In fact, the RAI license fee will not appear from the bill until 2023.

    Therefore, until next year, nothing will change from this point of view. but the Rai has been trying for some time to increase the weight of the fee. At first, at the end of last year, he tried to demand that it be expanded to include smartphones and tablets, but it was unsuccessful.

    There is a risk of increasing the fee, but there is a trick to halve it

    Then the upper floors of Viale Mazzini recently asked for a rent increase. Their justification is that next year, with the bill out and back in an independent tax, many will evade it Thus, Rai needs to raise funds at the present time.

    Moreover, RAI also justifies itself by stating that Italian Sharia is among the lowest in Europe Thus there is a need to increase it in order to adapt it to other European countries. However, many Italians would like it Not paying Rai license fee because they may not like the services provided by state TV Or maybe in principle. The method of not paying a RAI license exists and it is Declared that they do not have televisions or other equipment capable of receiving a rai signal at home.

    Here’s how to save, but watch out for deadlines

    So if you announce that you don’t have it at home Televisions, not even computers Here is that legally you can not pay the famous €90 fee. But it must be borne in mind that the legal date for submitting this request is On January 31. So it is a term that has now expired. However, one way to save is still to submit the exemption request by June 30th.

    New deadline to cut it in half

    In fact, by submitting an exemption request by June 30 You will be exempted only for the second semester So instead of paying 90 euros, you’ll just pay 45 EUR The other 45 will be rescued. But there are two explanations for this. The first is that this question He must be completely honest And that you don’t have TVs and computers at home. The second clarification is that the application must be resubmitted again at the beginning of next year. This is because the exemption request is only valid for each year.

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