You can be fined thousands of euros if you evade even a small amount. | You could lose a lot of money

    You can be fined thousands of euros if you evade even a small amount. |  You could lose a lot of money
    Fines for official violations

    A new amnesty, which will run until October, will relate to unpaid taxes: if you fall back even by a few hundred euros, you could receive thousands of euros in fines.

    He proposed a new amnesty to Meloni’s government Budget Law 2023 Finally, it has an end date: there is talk of implementing it as the first deadline by October 31, 2023.

    The amnesty identifies offenses and obligations that have been carried out up to this date, allowing for accurate payment 200 euros For each tax period no later than this date.

    This type of punishment falls under what is specified official offences. What will they be?

    This is defined “Within the minimum and maximum limits or to a fixed limit where there is no omitted, late or incorrect payment of a tax for which the penalty percentage can be returned” (Circular 27.1.2023, No. 2 / e), violations that “do not affect what the financial department is doing “(Circular 3.8.2001 No. 77 / E)”.

    Official offences: what are they?

    All of these types of tax problems are considered official offenses such as:

    • inconsistent annual return and incorrect or incomplete indication of taxpayer data;
    • The omitted or irregular presentation of periodic VAT payments, but only if the VAT has been paid and not even when the breach has an impact on the determination and payment of the tax;
    • the omitted, incomplete or irregular presentation of the EUCIS listings;
    • irregular keeping and filing of accounting records if the violation does not result in tax implications;
    • unanswered, incomplete or untruthful surveys;
    • Violations for communications of starting, changing and stopping activities for VAT purposes or advertisements stipulated in Article 35-third and 74-fif of Presidential Decree 10.26.1972, n. 633; etc etc.
    Fines for official violations

    Of course, it is also true that some specific offenses that have been committed have been considered by the government directly within amnesty or financial peace.

    But it is clear that the tax amnesty does not cover all offenses and some of them can lead to the taxpayer paying thousands of euros in fines, for example failure to pay value-added tax for amounts exceeding 250 thousand euros annually, or deductions accrued or approved for more than more than 150 thousand euros For annual installments and unpaid compensation for dues not exceeding 50,000 euros

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