You buy 300 iPhones, and are attacked and robbed while leaving an Apple Store

    You buy 300 iPhones, and are attacked and robbed while leaving an Apple Store

    It happened in New York on the night between Sunday and Monday. The victim, a 27-year-old owner of a small resale business, resisted and managed to save some of the devices

    I just got off The famous Apple Store in Fifth Settlement to me New Yorkopen 24 hours a day, with 300 Iphone brand new Purchased at sales Black Friday. He splits into three separate bags, then gets a big nest egg through his own Small retail business. In order not to attract attention, he decided to go to the store Too late nowAfter completing his Maxi purchase, he walked to his car, which was parked a short distance away. It was at that point that the 27 years (whose personal details are not disclosed for obvious reasons of privacy) was around 1.45 in the night between Sunday and Monday accompanied by a brand Sentences from which they came Two men are bent on stealing his bags.

    Booty 95 thousand dollars

    According to reports from the authorities, the young man tried in full view of the criminals Put up the resistance. A violent quarrel ensued, as a result of which the thieves escaped with one of the three sacks: they contained a well 125 for iPhone 13with a total value About 95 thousand dollars. In addition to its ability to save most devices as stated 1010Wins Radio striker He was not seriously injuredThe police are still pursuing those responsible. It is not yet clear if this is the latter He knew his habits Or if it is a file Simple random.

    The November 21 incident

    Certainly, the current period is an “eventful” period for clients apple shop abroad. Exactly one week ago, in fact, his name is 53 years old Bradley Rain He smashed an Apple store window with his off-road car HinghamNot far from Boston. One person was killed and 19 others were injured (Some of which were later visited in hospital by CEO Tim Cook.) accused of Manslaughter And the Reckless drivingThe alcohol test came back negative and he declared to investigators that his right foot was broken.He was stuck on the throttle». He will appear before a judge on December 22nd.

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