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Yes to permanent ban, but there is a solution


There is important news for WhatsApp and one of its toughest aspects, the permanent ban. In fact, a solution is being sought for users.

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for a while now The WhatsApp It started banning some of its users for several reasons. You can suffer from this possibility if you are using an unofficial version of the app – As it was announced not too long ago by the Facebook group – or for spam reasons.

In fact, the application is used in many countries as a real source of information, But there is an important development of the currency; It is often taken advantage of by some users to transmit fake news on the app and cause chaos. for this reason The WhatsApp I started monitoring the activities of some users – with clear respect for the privacy and content of the messages.

Today, however, it is possible to solve a problem permanent ban, if the request provides valid reasons. Let’s see how this can be done.

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WhatsApp: How to prevent the ban from being permanent

The WhatsApp
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Good news for those who have been banned from The WhatsApp; So far, in fact, Facebook group You are not allowed to return to the application once it is blocked, It will soon be possible to apply to return to using the app regularly.

The feature is currently being tested, but will soon be rolling out to beta for Android devices. As usual, if successful, it will be available to all users; Certain news, this according to WABetaInfo – The official channel for news on The WhatsApp.

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In short, a screen should appear for the blocked users in which they can explain their situation and request to be able to use the application again. The application can then be submitted and we will proceed to examine it. In fact, it will be crucial to understand if the ban happened unintentionally or if there are details to keep the account banned. This is to prevent wrongly accused users from losing the ability to use The WhatsApp.

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