“Yes, Bay of Naples…”. Sgarbi destroys Di Maio sent to the European Union

    “Yes, Bay of Naples…”.  Sgarbi destroys Di Maio sent to the European Union

    Mayonnaise rubbish

    Vittorio Sgarbi Straight leg reach Louis DiMaio. “I will vote to leave the euro,” said Josep Borrell, the former European envoy to the Gulf, Grillino, the former arsonist. A role Giggino was a candidate for after the electoral disaster with his new Draghian party, the Civic Commitment, born from the ashes of the “in charge” of Supermario and dying soon after due to absent voters.

    Burrell’s decision

    Well, we said, Di Maio got the coveted position Which was “referred to” by the then Prime Minister Draghi. The nomination took place on the air, although the other candidates – including the Greek Avramopoulos – had all the credentials to steal the nomination from him. Even the opposition of the centre-right Italian government, from Antonio Tajani to Matteo Salvini, could not prevent the EU from eventually recycling Pepe Grillo’s former right-hand man and sending him into the Gulf.

    Di Maio appointed

    Burrell proposed that “for an initial period of 21 months, commencing June 1, 2023, and ending February 28, 2025.” In the message sent by the High Representative of the European Union to the ambassadors of the 27 EU member states, Di Maio’s relations that have matured over the years as foreign minister are emphasized: “We must maintain the momentum of our strong commitment to the Gulf – writes Borrell – for this account on Di Maio support To implement our strategic partnership with Gulf partners. Now representatives of 27 countries on COPS, the Committee on Political Security, will discuss the matter and give the go-ahead to official appointment. No matter the time, for Giggino it all seems to be over.

    Rudeness breakdown in Di Maio

    Believing that Di Maio had caused some embarrassment in the Gulf, in particular because of the disorder in military supplies: Luigi decided to prevent Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which caused a strong reaction. Obviously, he managed to mend relations. Or you’ll be right Vittorio Sgarbi: In the letter referring to Luigi Di Maio as the EU’s special envoy to the Persian Gulf, Josep Borrell writes, among other things, about the former Grillino: “His extensive contacts with the Gulf states…”. Yes, the Gulf of Naples. hit and drowned.

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