XPeng raises the bar with the G6 coupé SUV: 755 km of autonomy, recharging in 10 minutes

    XPeng raises the bar with the G6 coupé SUV: 755 km of autonomy, recharging in 10 minutes

    While introducing the new SEPA 2.0 platform, XPeng Motors I expected the release of the fifth 100% electric model, this time in the form of a Coupe SUV. So take off the towel G6a car that marks a very important turning point for the brand, guiding it towards the technologies it will include in all future models.

    XPeng G6

    XPeng G6 It has the usual streamlined and rounded font typical of the brand, and it’s reliable800 voltsthanks to Al Technology silicon carbide from SEPA 2.0. However, there is also an important innovation, always copied to some extent by Tesla, which is an absolute first for a Chinese manufacturer: The aluminum frame is made in casting For both front and back.

    XPeng G6

    XPeng also chose the maximum integration of the battery, which was built with The cell-integrated body method (CIB), that is, practically inserting cells into parts of the frame. This increases the level of security, and helps to make better use of space. As a result, the car stays lower with more space on board.

    XPeng G6

    The range is up to 755 km (presumably according to the Chinese cycle), but we still don’t know the battery capacity. Probably around 100 kWh. The recharge capacity is also surprising, up to 3C according to XPeng, allowing you to Restore 300 km in just 10 minutesif you are using Supercharger S4 made by XPeng itself.

    XPeng G6

    On board we find the usual minimalism and technological style to which the brand has accustomed us, always with a central screen arranged horizontally. Available there XNGP Advanced ADAS Groupwhich according to the house should set a new quality standard for mid-size SUVs.

    Finally, XPeng is careful to specify that the G6 name will only be valid for China, due to possible rights issues elsewhere, and that the vehicle is built and certified to the highest safety standards, Already suitable also for EuropeWhere XPeng has already reached, And the United StatesWhere it is supposed to reach in the future.

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