Home Tech Xiaomi mocked Apple, but now it is also canceling charging

Xiaomi mocked Apple, but now it is also canceling charging

Xiaomi mocked Apple, but now it is also canceling charging

Mm they are, Xiaomi.  Mm they are.

Mm they are, Xiaomi. Mm they are.
Photo: Wang Chao / AFP (Getty Images)

It’s a lesson many of us learn throughout life: first they laugh at you, then they imitate you. This is exactly what Xiaomi did when it mocked Apple for its decision Stop charging wall chargers With iPhones earlier this year. On its biggest ups, just two months later, Xiaomi now thinks removing wall chargers from its phone cases is a great idea. I bet there are a large number of people at Apple saying, Mm hmm.

As I spotted it the edgeAnd the On Saturday Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun The company announced that the upcoming Mi 11 will not include a charger. Lei, who made the comments on the Chinese social network Weibo, In order to save the environment, he said, the company has decided not to include chargers, adding that everyone has a lot Idle chargers. Xiaomi will launch Mii in China on Monday.

MineThe company’s announcement comes more than two months after the company mocked Apple on social media by showing off the in-box charger for the Mi 10T Pro.

Xiaomi wrote: “Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything out of the box with # Mi10TPro” Twitter After a brief period Apple debuted in IPhone 12 And announced the new shipping policy.

But Xiaomi wasn’t the only one who laughed. Samsung also mocked its competition and sent in the Photo of his Galaxy charger On social media with the caption: “Included with the Galaxy device.” However, it was discovered that Samsung recently deleted its posts about the charger due to … It said The Galaxy S21 series chargers are also kept away, which looks almost as if it were Launch in January.

When Apple announced that it did not include a charger or headphones due to environmental reasons Back in OctoberBear, Concluded that customers already have over 700 million lightning headphones and that many of them are using wireless headphones anyway. He stated that there were 2 billion Apple transducers in circulation, in addition to billions of third-party adapters, and that removing both items from the box was environmentally friendly.

The move was initially announced as a win for the environment until people realized that Apple was changing the cable included in the iPhone 12 box to USB-C to Lightning. Given that nearly every previous iPhone came with a USB-A wall charger, it’s hard to defend the “everyone already has a charger” argument.

Doing things to reduce environmental waste is a good thing, and it is a thing We should all think about it. If the move Apple make Xiaomi, Samsung and others to reduce their charger waste. But when you say you want to reduce waste, focus on actually reducing waste, rather than selling chargers separately. The planet cannot bear empty promises.

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