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Xbox Series X | S, sales of about 1 million fewer PS5 items for Daniel Ahmad – Nerd4.life

 Xbox Series X |  S, sales of about 1 million fewer PS5 items for Daniel Ahmad - Nerd4.life

Xbox Series X | S Register yet sales less than PS5 For about Million pieces: According to well-known analyst Daniel Ahmed, the new Microsoft devices sold about 3.5 million units.

In response to a post by IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, commenting on the PS5 sales announced by Sony today, Ahmed suggested putting up just over a million of the 4.5 million pieces of PlayStation 5 Likely to obtain new Xbox sales.

According to McCaffrey’s inference, the point is not to compare numbers Sony H Microsoft To give life to the inevitable console war among fans, but to understand how many units were distributed by the two companies, given that there was a general sale.

Limited availability was for PS5 and Xbox Series X | The S is actually a limiting factor thus far, which remains a significant weight in comparison to any attempt to analyze launch pads Next generation.

Nobody can say what would have happened normally, but once the production issues are resolved and the controllers are running at full capacity, we will finally be able to truly understand the potential of the two machines.

What is certain, Daniel Ahmed reiterated in his response to his followers, that the Xbox Series X and S were the two champions in the biggest launch in Xbox history, and thus it is clear that they have exceeded the nearly 3 million pieces previously sold. Xbox One In 2013.

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