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    Xbox Xbox X And the Xbox S I Much nicer From PS5, according to a survey organized by the popular ResetEra forum to understand which current generation consoles have the most fun design. Here are the results:

    1. Xbox Series S: 798 votes, 39.6% of the votes
    2. Xbox Series X: 702 votes, 34.8% of the votes
    3. Nintendo Switch OLED: 410 votes, 20.3% favorite
    4. PS5 Digital Edition: 252 votes, 12.5% ​​of favorites
    5. PS5: 202 votes, 10% from favourites
    6. Nintendo Switch Lite: 77 votes, 3.8% favorites
    7. Nintendo Switch: 76 votes, 3.8% favorites

    You definitely noticed that the overall ratio of voices Exceeds 100%: This is because users who participated in vote (2,015 people) can express up to two preferences.

    The PS5’s divisive design is actually a topic that’s been addressed since the console’s unveiling, which adopts a style that may have been inspired by new future It has very generous dimensions due to the massive dissipation system.

    Instead, the Xbox Series X and S, for their part, immediately attracted the sympathy of users due to Very simple designin the case of the most powerful model, build innovative and interesting engineering options, above all the motherboard folded in on itself.

    Anyway, in the ranking, we see it well too Nintendo Switch OLED Modelwhich is the latest version of the hybrid platform for the Japanese home, equipped with a much improved dock and some other visual features compared to the original, which instead got very few votes.

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