Xbox Game Studios Publishing announces its new cloud gaming division –

    Xbox Game Studios Publishing announces its new cloud gaming division -

    Microsoft is serious about cloud games: Xbox Game Studios Publishing Has actually announced the opening of a new section, fully dedicated to cloud-native gaming. It’s led by former Valve Kim Swift, best known for Portal and Left 4 Dead, who joined Redmond last year as director of cloud games.

    Rumors about interest Microsoft As for cloud games, they are now more insistent, to the point that the novelty is very surprising. There is also talk of an exclusive game by Kojima Productions for the Microsoft cloud, news that has yet to be confirmed.

    However, Xbox Game Studios Publishing introduced the new section with an extension Videoaimed at developers, with Swift explaining how the goal of the project is to collaborate with world-class developers around the world to create cloud-native games for “Giving players experiences that can only be achieved through the cloud.

    While many may immediately think of platforms like Stadia or Xcloud as examples of already active cloud gaming, it should be noted that the differences between a game developed exclusively for the cloud and one that is developed for other platforms and runs in the cloud are significant. The original game can in fact exploit the cloud to manipulate certain aspects of the game, such as physics, lighting, environments, and artificial intelligence, to get more advanced results and ensure that all connected players have the same experience.

    According to what was said in the video, cloud gaming is still in its infancy, but its future will develop along three lines: Ubiquitous presence, cloud AI, and uptime calculation. The first is the ability to stream games to any device, even the least powerful. On the other hand, cloud AI will make it possible to take advantage of machine learning, natural language processing and reinforcement learning, get more compelling non-player characters and give developers advanced development tools. Finally, runtime computations can be used to improve rendering, artificial intelligence, and generate procedural elements and special effects.

    At this point, all that remains is to figure out what the new department’s first cloud projects will be.

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