Xbox and Activision: Microsoft signs another 10-year deal to bring games to EE

    Xbox and Activision: Microsoft signs another 10-year deal to bring games to EE

    Microsoft Another signed Ten year agreement to fetch me Activision Blizzard Games On another platform, in this case the British Internet Service Provider EEalways with the aim of favoring a publisher takeover.

    This is an agreement in line with the one Microsoft recently concluded with Ubitus, Boosteroid and NVIDIA, and to some extent also with Nintendo regarding the possibility of bringing Call of Duty to the Japanese manufacturer’s platforms. The signing of the contract was announced by Phil Spencer on Twitter.

    “Microsoft and EE expand their partnership with a 10-year commitment to bring Activision Blizzard games for PC and Xbox to the cloud through the service,” the Xbox president wrote. The more you play, the more peopleThrough different usage systems,” Spencer also added, noting that these maneuvers serve to spread Microsoft’s openness towards other platforms and facilitate the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

    Meanwhile, the CMA has confirmed the date for its final response to the acquisition, which should arrive by April 26, 2023, but if that is approved, there is a possibility that Sony could still appeal the decision.

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