Home entertainment WWE is registering a mysterious new brand for its screens

WWE is registering a mysterious new brand for its screens

La WWE registra un nuovo misterioso trademark per i suoi schermi

WWE is registering a mysterious new brand for its screens

In recent months, WWE has gone on to record the most bizarre and bizarre names and brands possible, with some from among the many Franky Monet, In-Dex, and many others, who eventually also found a very accurate location on their TV screens for Yellow Show, in weeks. The last few.

Apparently, WWE could have fallen back on it once again, as it acquired the rights to a name that is apparently still anonymous, which could soon be used on main menu TV screens or again on NXT screens, with the usual. Nature stub, A major offshore site that spies globally on what WWE is doing behind the scenes.

Who will be the new Asher Hill?

During the day of April 30, the site also confirmed Nature stubWWE would have obtained the trademark rights.Asher HillIn the section devoted to television entertainment, in the Patent and Trademark Office prepared for the United States of America.

This name would have entered the archives of the appropriate office only yesterday, but for the time being no additional information has emerged about the name in question.
It is not even known if the name refers to a single athlete or to a stable, nor if that name will be used alongside some Raw and Smackdown athletes or someone else from NXT.

Knowing that the company has included the brand in the entertainment services division, it is very likely that this name will be used for some new on-screen recruits or for some athletes who will change characters in the main roster, clues for the time being could center on Aleister Black.

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So we just have to wait a few weeks, or maybe a few months, before we understand what WWE had in mind with this new brand, which at the moment doesn’t seem to conflict with any other significant name for an American company, which is what happened. Instead with the taglineEva lotionWritten by Eva Marie, who went on to track the name of an important American company in the medical and aerospace sector.

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