WRC/Calendar 2024: 14 Round Goal | FormulaPassion – Rally

    WRC/Calendar 2024: 14 Round Goal |  FormulaPassion – Rally

    Goal 14 events in 2024

    Already on the eve of this season, the WRC extension He designed a calendar that predicts the maximum number of people 14 dates, was seen and considered as a potential addition to the Saudi Arabia Rally. However, the plan to land in the Middle East was not realized in an agreement between the two parties, as this year’s tournament was limited to 13 events. In any case, even after the spectacle presented by the last round of the Rally Portugal, the intention is to come up with 14 commitments for World Championship 2024 She is still alive in the upper floors of the tournament, where she had the opportunity to confirm Simon LarkinWRC director, in an interview with Motorsports.

    Saudi Arabia is in the first place

    The main goal is to re-launch negotiations withKingdom of Saudi Arabiaalthough there are other countries that can welcome WRC: “Our ambition is to have 14 events in the mid-term future, and I think we’ll be very happy with that Larkin repeated. I think it’s the best solution for teams in terms of testing, logistics and transportation. It makes no sense to increase the number of eventsWe’re not like MotoGP or Formula 1 who can do it back-to-back, we don’t want to do that. If we have 14 events, each event has to be a unique chapter in the story of the season, and I think if we can do an event in the Middle East next year, which is the plan, I think we would be very happy with the aspect and the atmosphere of each individual event. I think that What we’re missing is a desert style event“.

    The American derby between the United States and Mexico

    With the exception of Saudi Arabia, the United State It could become part of the 2024 calendar, which would embody the return of the United States of America to the WRC for the first time since 1988. Next year, with regard to appointments to the American continent, Chile’s presence is already certain, but in the event of an agreement between Senior management of the American tournament and organizers (which may arrive in September), the United States will replace Mexico. In fact, the latter is not included in the 2024 calendar, but the failure of the return of the United States will open the doors for renewal: If we want to go to the United States, we have to organize a real event Larkin added. It should be more than just showing up with cars and doing a rally. We have to make sure that we have all the elements of entertainment American fans can be entertained. They are very different, and grouping is something we need to educate them about. For this reason, we need more show rehearsals, as they call them there, or super special rehearsals, just like we do in Mexico. We have to make sure we have the right form, because the last thing we want is to go to a place like the United States and put on an event that Americans don’t like. We know we have a lot of passionate fans in America, because we see it from those who watch WRC+ and who follow on social media. We’ll take all the time we need to do things right.”

    The countries have already officially announced for 2024

    In conclusion, there is also a nomination Northern Ireland Rallywhich was granted until the end of the month to secure the required £3 million in funding: “We are trying to make every effort possible, and this includes actively participating in discussions with trading partners that we are having in parallel with discussions with the government.”Larkin concluded. What is certain, l 2024is entering a new nation likeEstoniawhich will become part of the calendar with the reconfirmed calendars Portugal, Monte Carlo, Greece, Sweden, Kenya, Central Europe (Germany) e Chile. Finland and Japan are also close to reconfirmation, as is Sardinia, while the aforementioned Mexico and Croatia, both of which are currently without a contract, remain to be assessed.

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