World Sports Day 2023: 6 out of 10 Sicilians do it at least once a week

    World Sports Day 2023: 6 out of 10 Sicilians do it at least once a week

    the sports He has an extraordinary power: he teaches discipline and loyalty and brings different people into contact who through cohesion learn to know and respect each other. What better way to celebrate this precious activity if not through Ha International Day?

    the April 6th It is actually there International Sports Day For the sake of development and peace and on this occasion American pistachio growersA nonprofit association uniting American pistachio growers – In cooperation with mUp Researchdid research * for the sake of investigation The relationship between Sicilians and sport Specifically with Nutrition for training. According to the survey results, The prevalence of playing sports in Sicily is very high: Approximately 7 in 10 are Siciliansactually, They claim to exercise regularlyand in particular 1 person interviewed out of 3 practice it at least 3 times a week. Specifically, there are many sports played by Sicilians: 30% of the respondentsfor example, it is preferable to give weights and cycles in sports club or Running and joggingthe 14% of the exercise respondents soccerwhile the 13% prefer swimming.

    Sports nutrition

    the Snack It is very important during the day to keep the focus alive and satisfy the appetite. there dried fruitOccupy, for example Second place among the preferences of the Sicilians (after fresh fruit) and in particular, More than 9 out of 10 citizens consume pistachios. Also uniting the interviewees was the importance of a snack before a training session. It is actually essential for the body as it helps maintain excellent performance and does not have a drop in energy and stomach discomfort. Research shows that 45% of the respondents Have a snack before your workout (approximately one to two hours before training), specifically, Fresh fruit and yogurt They are a favorite of the Sicilians. However, there are 22% who state that they do not eat anything. Also regarding after workoutNutrition is essential. “after training The body begins the process of repairing and multiplying muscle proteins and eating the right foods helps to recover in the shortest possible time“- explains nutritionist Giorgio Donegani. about this, 4 participants out of 10 They mentioned that at the end of the session they introduce themselves A full meal while 1 Sicily out of 3 He prefers Rich snack; In contrast to a pre-workout, all of the people interviewed declared that they ate something once they finished their workout.

    the American pistachiofor example, me An excellent healthy and energizing ally after a workout: pistachios grown in the United States are actually considered a Complete proteinThanks for having both ah 9 essential amino acids in adequate amounts – Essential for the rapid rebuilding of muscle proteins – Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as plant sterols, substances that help protect heart and circulatory functions. It is therefore practical and fast, ideal for recharging after exercise, to always carry with you for those who love sports and adrenaline. “She also boastsvery high density Nutritious“- he adds George Donegany – “Not only are they a source of “good” proteins and fats, but they are also a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that promote the overall health of the body.“. a part Daily about 30g come back well 49 pistachios and contains only 165 Calorieswith 7 grams of protein Beneficial for muscle growth and maintenance after post-workout effort. In this regard, even More than 9 out of 10 are SiciliansAnd They are ready to be included in their diet As a snack at the end of the training session, the data also confirmed the fact that the consumption of American pistachios in Italy has increased by 42% in the past five years.

    in the end, American pistachio growers He wanted to investigate Sicilians’ perception of its antioxidant capacity green gold And it turns out that Almost 1 in 3 participants just me pistachio to get High in antioxidants Compared to blueberries, pomegranates, beets, and cherries. “This is correct.“- Confirms George Donegani -“according to A new study conducted by Cornell University Published in the journal “Nutrients”, ed American pistachios have a very high antioxidant capacity: They are among the foods richest in antioxidants, along with blueberries and pomegranates“.

    Is there a better occasion than today to start including it in your diet while exercising?

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