World Rowing Championships, word to volunteers: “A unique experience like no other. A dream to be here”

    World Rowing Championships, word to volunteers: “A unique experience like no other. A dream to be here”

    Following the statements made yesterday by the athletes and their relatives today, Wednesday 27 JulyWe live there together Day 3 of the 2022 World Rowing Championships By getting to know him better staff And the Volunteers Who contribute to the event by working behind the scenes.

    “They make us sweat (smiling, editor)But it is a beautiful experience. We are happy to be here as volunteers.” These are the words Lisa Carollo And the Aurora bindaTwo girls wanted to join the cast.
    “It’s a beautiful experience. A lot of workGiorgio Martigani says:We, in fact, the volunteers who are assigned to start, can only see the boats start the race, but almost never finish and that leaves a bit of a suspense”.

    In short, fatigue of about 200 volunteers to be repaid with Beautiful Weather and the breathtaking view that improve mood, even if, he tells us martigani: “The only drawback, if we really have to find one, is the heat, but we’re living a dream. I paddleboard and being here, among hundreds of professional paddlers, is an experience like no other.”

    Who said the yellow shirt stops the fun? If you have a chance hand Seeing old friends againOn the other hand, you can meet new people And from other nationalities.

    “We know some athletes on the teams – Contact Lisa Carollo – First of all thanks to rowing because I play it as a sport, while Aurora (Pinda) did it.”
    “We are a group of guys who got to know each other before the eventNeve Aroldi says. We didn’t exchange many words with the athletes except for best wishes, but we are also happy that being here together has united us even more.”

    “I met an entire Egyptian team Archimede Ara excitedly tells usOf course I don’t know the names, but when we see each other they say hi and we talk a little. The other teams and their coaches are also very nice…if you know English you can talk to us easily”.

    Arrive at Schiranna and see the smiles of young volunteers like Elena KariteAnd the Gianmarco Marino And the Nikolo Paladin It is the best way to start a day full of sports and entertainment.

    “The best thing is that we actively participate in an event we usually see on TV: it’s like being in the center of the world Giorgio Martigani concludes surrounded by people of different nationalities who do not speak your language, but you can safely joke with them if you know English. ”

    Francesca Meuni

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