World Cup, the draw for regret: here are the groups and fixtures

    World Cup, the draw for regret: here are the groups and fixtures

    A group that seems tailored to the home team, as often happens, there is no iron group, a confrontation between Iran and the United States sparks proposals beyond football, as Serbia and Switzerland meet again for the second World Cup in succession. Brazil. On the other hand, if Italy had replaced Portugal, they would have found Uruguay to be knocked out by the 2014 World Championship, which was the last that the Azzurri played.
    The Qatar 2022 draw gave all this, and gave certainty that the opening match would be between the home team and Ecuador. In the same group there are the Netherlands, who can already be considered in the round of 16 unless there are unbelievable surprises, and Senegal, the African champions, are determined to play an important role. He will likely deal with Qatar, determined not to imitate South Africa in 2010, when they were the only host team in the history of the World Cup not to pass the first stage.
    In Group E, the match between Spain led by Luis Enrique and Germany led by Hansi Flick will be worth watching, and it is close to the World Cup finals, but for qualification at the expense of Japan and New Zealand, there will be no problems. The same applies to Argentina under Messi, so much so that local media already wrote in Buenos Aires that coach Scaloni could not have asked for a better equaliser. The important thing for Albiceleste is what will happen in the later stages, because by re-reading the history and numbers, Messi has never been decisive (read the goals) in the knockout stages, including the 2014 final. Mexico and Poland should play in the other position, and Saudi Arabia will try Don’t be Cinderella.
    England, in Group B with the United States and Iran, are waiting to see if they will have to challenge the Welsh cousins ​​or Scotland, unless Ukraine forgets the tragedies they are going through by claiming victory.
    The French team, who wants a second title in a row as only Italy and Brazil managed to win the title, and Denmark, who revived Eriksen, are the favorites for their group, and the same applies to Belgium and the vice-champion of Croatia, unless Morocco changes the mood. Canada will try not to close at ground zero, and could succeed if talented boys continue to advance. And CR7 and his last World Cup? Portugal, seeded, was included in Group H as well as Uruguay, they found Ghana and South Korea: as if to say the Azzurri’s regrets were increasing because, with all due respect, Ofen Jian and Kim Min Jae would be unbeatable rivals. .

    This is the schedule of matches for the first phase of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar:

    November 21: Qatar – Ecuador (Group A, 11 am) Senegal – Netherlands (A) England – Iran (B) USA – Wales / Scotland / Ukraine (B)

    November 22: Argentina – Saudi Arabia (C) Mexico – Poland (C) France – United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru (D) Denmark – Tunisia (D)

    November 23Spain – Costa Rica / New Zealand (E) Germany – Japan (E) Belgium – Canada (F) Japan – Croatia (F)

    November 24Brazil – Serbia (G) Switzerland – Cameroon (G) Portugal – Ghana (H) Uruguay – South Korea (H)

    November 25: Qatar – Senegal (A) Netherlands – Ecuador (A) England – USA (B) Wales / Scotland / Ukraine – Iran (B)

    November 26Argentina – Mexico (c) Poland – Saudi Arabia (c) France – Denmark (d) Tunisia – United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru (D)

    November 27Spain – Germany (E) Japan – Costa Rica / New Zealand (E) Belgium – Morocco (F) Croatia – Canada (F)

    November 28Brazil – Switzerland (G) Cameroon – Serbia (G) Portugal – Uruguay (H) South Korea – Ghana (H)

    November 29Netherlands – Qatar (a) Ecuador – Senegal (a) Wales / Scotland / Ukraine – England (b) Iran – USA (b)

    November 30Poland – Argentina (C) Saudi Arabia – Mexico (C) Tunisia – France (D) United Arab Emirates / Australia / Peru – Denmark (D)

    December 1: Japan – Spain (E) Costa Rica / New Zealand – Germany (E) Croatia – Belgium (F) Canada – Morocco (F)

    December 2: Cameroon – Brazil (G) Serbia – Switzerland (G) South Korea – Portugal (H) Ghana – Uruguay (H)


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