World Baseball Classic, ‘David’ Italy takes on ‘Goliath’ Japan. Azorean opponents x-rayed. The Japanese menu is great

    World Baseball Classic, ‘David’ Italy takes on ‘Goliath’ Japan.  Azorean opponents x-rayed.  The Japanese menu is great

    L’Italy He took advantage of the favorable opportunity, represented by a group without competitors that are impossible to beat, as he deservedly managed to reach the Knockout Theatre affiliate World Classic Baseball 2023. Now, however, the bar has been raised and not a bit. On Thursday March 16th, in Tokyo, he will challenge the Azzurri Japan. There will be a place up for grabs The last four Miami.

    We are faced with the most proverbial cases David vs. Goliath. The Land of the Rising Sun has a much stronger roster than those of Cuba, Panama, Taipei and the Netherlands, the four teams facing Italy in the pool. Moreover, the Japanese literally surpassed their group with eloquent results (8-1 for China, 13-4 for South Korea, 10-2 for the Czech Republic and 7-1 for Australia).

    On the other hand, the Japan Several can count First class starsor players who are able to shift the balance at the highest level of MLB. Names, in particular, stand out Shuhei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels) f Yo Darwish (San Diego Padres). The first, 28, is a rare example of Bi-directional player, or those who are able to excel on the plate and on the hill. The second, born in 1986, is a veteran who remains to this day jar Crying at the American Major.

    Italy and Japan, World Baseball Classic 2023: game time, program, schedule, TV, broadcast

    for any concern Lined upthen there are many clubs capable of defeating anyone. Lars Notbar (25 years old) is one of the rising stars of the St. Louis Cardinals, while Masataka Yoshida The 29-year-old is preparing to try out his first season with the Boston Red Sox after being a star player for the Oryx Buffaloes, a team from Osaka, for years.

    In fact, we must not forget how the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) is the highest rated league ever outside the United States. In this regard, other men with above-average WBC qualities are Yuhei Nakamura32-year-old Tokyo Swallows star, 29-year-old Kensuke Kondorecently signed by Fukuoka Hawks (the winning team in the past decade) and the 24-year-old team Shugo maki (Yokohama Bay Stars), a very up-and-coming producing hitter.

    In short, the job looks like for Italy prohibitive. On the other hand, Japan starts with the stated goal win again The World Baseball Classic after 13 years. This is exactly why he was chosen The best ever available. Nothing is impossible in a live match, but in sports there are values ​​and categories that are hard to break down.

    Therefore any possible Italian success would be a real success miracle I will represent One of the biggest surprises on the date of the event. To win the Tokyo Dome stage already against the Japanese stars is a commendable goal for the blue team, who can take the field with a light heart, knowing they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Image: FIBS

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