Women’s World Cup, Infantino attacks TVs: “The performances give the players a slap”

    Women’s World Cup, Infantino attacks TVs: “The performances give the players a slap”

    FIFA’s number one protest comes from Zurich. When Gianni Infantino was asked about the upcoming Women’s World Cup during a World Trade Organization meeting, he said forcefully Performances condemned received by the major national broadcasters for broadcasting the contest. The event, which took place on May 1 in the Swiss capital in close cooperation with FIFA, aims to discuss how the status of women can be improved through FIFA and trade.

    During a speech during the day, the 53-year-old executive attacked public television executives in the “big five,” the five most important European countries (Italy, France, Germany, England and Spain). Proposals from individual countries for television rights to the tournament were defined as “unacceptable” and “Slap to the playersBecause, in the words of the president himself, “public broadcasters have a duty to promote and invest in women’s sports.”

    Infantino FIFA Women's World Cup
    FIFA President Gianni Infantino during a meeting between the federation, the World Trade Organization and representatives of New Zealand and Australia (Instagram)

    A duty that, according to him, is disrespectful, despite the encouraging numbers in the latest edition: “The Women’s World Cup has an audience equal to 50-60% of the Men’s World Cup, but TVs only offer 1-10 million dollars against the proposed 100-200 for men. That is A slap to all the great players Women’s World Cup and for all the women of the world.

    Infantino’s appeal: “Women deserve it”

    Barbs, in light of the data that leave no excuse or justification, which can lead to important consequences: “To be very clear, it is our moral and legal duty not to sell the World Cup. Therefore, if offers continue to be unfair, we will be forced to Do not broadcast the event in the concerned countries. But the statements were also followed by a general appeal: “I therefore ask all players, fans, football officials, presidents, prime ministers, politicians and journalists from around the world to join us and Support this appeal For a fair reward for women’s football. Women deserve it.”

    “The World Federation has done its part, bringing the prize pool to $152 million, tripling the amount paid out in 2019, ten times more than it was in 2015. However – Infantino continues – the offers from broadcasters are still very disappointing. And simply unacceptable, especially considering that 100% of all rights fees paid will go directly to women’s football, at our choice. Procedure reinforcement Towards Equality of Conditions and Wages.” Repeated requests from the World Federation, which elicited no satisfactory responses from prospective purchasers.

    Moreover, in one of his recent posts on Instagram, the manager relaunched the hashtag #Football_unity_world (Football unites the world), recalling how the Foundation’s main commitment is to continue to focus on inclusivity in every moment of organizing tournaments.

    Infantino FIFA World Cup
    Presentation of the official cup of the competition (Instagram)

    Defending broadcasters

    After the supervisor’s appeal, the responses of the national channel leaders were not long in coming. Given the jet lagin which many matches would be played during the European night, European televisions considered a more significant investment than that previously budgeted to be unfavorable to their budgets.

    The World Cup presentation ceremony witnessed the participation of the leaders of the World Trade Organization and representatives of New Zealand and Australia (Instagram)

    Thus, the challenge will not be related to women’s rights, as it was mentioned several times yesterday from the stage in Zurich, but rather to simply budget issues Based on Media coverage from the event. And the confrontation is set to drag on over time, at least until the start of the competition, which is scheduled for July 20 at major sports facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

    Italy group

    “Our national team is not the favorite to win the competition.” This was recognized by the coach of the national team Melina Bartolini, who estimated the Swedish team (vice-champions in the last Olympics) as a candidate for the next round. to the center At least the second place It will be necessary to fight until the last match against Argentina and South Africa.

    Infantino FIFA World Cup
    The group draw was held a few months ago in Auckland, New Zealand (Uefa.com)

    He added, after the draw that took place in October 2022: “They are two opponents that we know very little about, and we must study the characteristics of both teams well in order to reach the preparation for the date.” G will face the first and second powerhouse in Group E, which includes among other teams the finalists of the 2019 edition, the United States and the Netherlands.

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