Women’s water polo, Setterosa team for the first stage of the World Cup in Rotterdam – OA Sport

    Women’s water polo, Setterosa team for the first stage of the World Cup in Rotterdam – OA Sport

    We are preparing for what is to come. there Women’s water polo team in Italy Ambitiously looking forward to the next goals and first time order is world Cup. Setterosa will be on stage at Rotterdam, the Netherlands)the location of the first stage of the Extreme International Circuit, from Tuesday 11 to Thursday 13 April, while the second date is set from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 of the same month in Athens, Greece).

    The competition is divided into two groups The Blues were placed in Group B with the United States, Spain and China. As the regulation says, The top two teams from each group will advance to the Final Eight in Long Beach, USA (June 23-25). On the other hand, the third and fourth teams will compete in the Greek capital to participate in the second round. In the latter case, the two best decks will be added to the four decks that have already been upgraded.

    Tomography Charles Celebeau summoned 16 players For this first date: Silvia Avigno, Lucrezia Sergol, Emma De Marche, Josie Citino, Caterina Pancelli, Chiara Tabani, Giuditta Gallardi, Domitella Picuzzi, Agnes Kocher, Luna Di Claudio, Valeria Maria Grazia Palmieri, Condolia Fiacava, Giuzuribina Aurora Bettini, Veronica Gant and Claudia Marlita.

    The condition will not be optimal. There was no way to prepare for this stage in the best possible way, listed among the many exact appointments of the club’s teams. We will play with the best squads in the world like USA and Spain. China is also intriguing. The goal, despite the objective difficulties, will be to search for the pass to the final stage. It will also be the right opportunity to be able to plan well for the main event of the season or the World Championships in Fukuoka (Japanese edition) in July“, Silipo announced on the eve of the Dutch flight (Source: ANSA).

    Contest schedule


    Tuesday 11th April

    Spain – United States (2.00 pm)
    Italy– China (4:00 pm)

    Wednesday 12th April

    Spain-Italy (2.00m)
    USA – China (16.00)

    Thursday, April 13th

    Spain – China (16.00)
    United State-Italy (8.30 pm)

    Photo: La Presse

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