With “Supergrouper”, your dream band will compose the playlist of your heart

    Spotify: con

    Recently, spotify Join the ranks of entertainment platforms in crisis (such as Netflix previously), explaining that they had to reduce the number of new hires by 25%: CEO Daniel Eck However, it has not lost its creative vitality, so much so that while signals of future community function multiply, the Live Events feed has already been launched, featuring concerts and live events nearby. for like Ads Another one has been added, personalized social.

    In the new press release issued by the Swedish platform, the launch of the new version is mentioned “Supergrouper” function Who aims to achieve the impossible through action cooperate together, in realization from U.S Playlist subscriber, Artists who have not done so before, or because of a lack of opportunity/will, or just because”Passed awayand other eras.

    To take advantage of the function, which appears to be limited to the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and the USA, but is also fully functional in Italy, albeit in English at the moment, it is sufficient to have last verseone aday From the application installed on your smartphone, the playlist that has been created and played within the application is displayed. Once this initial step is completed, simply open it yourself Browser mobile favorites,”Spotify.com/supergrouper” (Without the quotes, and the address begins as usual with https://).

    At this point, it will be necessary Choose Come on 3 to 5 artistsgiving each Function Among the proposals (The Lead – the guide, The Lyricist – the lyricist, The Wildcard – the wildcard, The Up-And-Comer – the budding, The Producer – the producer), or let the AI ​​do it itself (random).

    The next step for the Supergrouper function, which can be skipped, provides the selection (from those suggested) two expressions for to give a First Name In the space saver of their dreams and that it all ends, with the browser that will show a file Coverage / A collectible figurine created by our super group, Shareable On social networks (eg between Instagram or Snapchat stories) and button for to listen What is compiled, as mentioned in the application.

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