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“Winds at 240 kilometers per hour, more than Katrina” – Corriere.it


Hurricane Ida hit the United States on Sunday evening, the day Hurricane Katrina hit the city 16 years ago. Biden: We are preparing for the worst

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New York –Winds blowing at 240 kilometers per hour Thirty centimeters of rain in a few hours.

L ‘Hurricane Ida landed in Louisiana About local lunchtime as a Category 4 storm, on the day of the 16th anniversary ofKatrina.

coincidence The tragedy that engulfed New Orleans, killing more than 1,800 People and causing a trillion dollars in damage helped heighten excitement and anxiety, but the hope yesterday was that the entire region would prove better prepared than it was in 2005.

I know it hurts to think that a new storm like this might strike us on this very anniversary, said the governor, but we are not in the same state as we were sixteen years ago. John Bel Edwards.

The damage from a hurricane that the National Hurricane Center has identified as potentially catastrophic will only be understood in the next few hours and days.

city ​​today It has a reinforced dam system The hurricane’s rise in water levels is not expected to be as destructive as that caused by Katrina. Winds alone can do significant damage, as shown last year by Hurricane Laura, which devastated the southwestern part of the state killing 42 people and destroying 19 billion.

After Hurricane Katrina, anger and bewilderment at the unpreparedness of government — at all levels, even Washington — was a sign of George W. Bush’s legacy in the eyes of Americans, perhaps more so than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Joe Biden knows this and is following this crisis closely. Yesterday, he spoke to the country, stressing that once the storm passes, all the power of the state will be used in rescue operations. The Red Cross is preparing to open buildings to house 16,000 people.

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Locate the safest part of your homes and stay there until the storm passes, wrote Bill Edwards on Twitter, who on Saturday described the hurricane as one of the strongest to hit Louisiana since 1850.

in the afternoon 400 thousand homes without electricity. Shops and clubs in New Orleans were covered with sandbags and protected. The mayors of several cities, including the state capital Baton Rouge, have ordered a curfew from the early hours of the evening.

To complicate the scenario there is also Covid emergency. Louisiana is among the states with the lowest vaccination rate—only 41 percent—is Hospitals are full of the most severe patients, about 2,700.

In the background, the debate over climate change. Don’t start over with “category 4/5 hurricane devastation and not the time to talk about climate change,” tweeted Alexandria Villasor, Greta of America: Now is the perfect time to talk about it.

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