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Windows 11 on all computers with a script

Windows 11 on all computers with a script

Only a few days left until launch Windows 11 (and new Microsoft Store), but not everyone will be able to install the update. Microsoft It changed the minimum requirements from Windows 10, so you need a fairly modern computer. Thanks to this scenario, it is possible circumvention of verification Executed during the setup procedure.

Windows 11 on all PCs with some risks

To make sure that you can install Windows 11 It is better to use the new tool Computer Safety Check which will indicate any requirements that are not met. Many users want to test the operating system on virtual machine, but also in this case the presence of a file TPM 2.0 . Chip.

New text, part of the cover Universal MediaCreationToolIt allows you to create a Windows 11 ISO image, bypassing the minimum requirements check. after start “MediaCreationTool.batA list of Windows versions is displayed. By selecting “11”, the corresponding media creation tool and script are downloaded.Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmdWhich adds a key to the registry and deletes a file in the directory used for installation.

Thanks to these changes it is possible Install Windows 11 on all computers. This is clearly a method that Microsoft does not support. In addition to potential performance and reliability issues, the operating system may not receive the security patch from Windows Update.

Looking forward to the official debut in October 5thMicrosoft has chest The new paint app For Windows Insider Dev channel subscribers, like a promise In the middle of August. In addition to the renewed interface, there are new tools for drawing and writing.

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Windows 11 - Paint

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