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Windows 11 ISO download available


Finally, Microsoft . has The first official ISO released from Windows 11, allowing users to perform clean installs of the new operating system, which we remember its release this fall. The announcement of the availability of the new ISO comes in conjunction with the publication of version 22000.132 intended for program subscribers Windows Insider.

Getting ready to download ISO files not only allows you to perform a clean installation, but also allows you to discover them How does the installation experience change, which should guide you through all the basic configuration steps to get a PC ready to use. Once again, Microsoft has shown that it is listening to the feedback of its knowledgeable users: Possibility Give a name to the PC During the setup procedure, this was not expected, but as Microsoft tells us in the post In its official blog, the request from users was like leading the company to integrate even this small feature. In addition, once the initial configuration is completed, the first time the computer is turned on, the Start application will help users to make the final touches and complete the configuration of the newly installed system.

To download the new ISO for Windows 11, you need to be first Enrolled in the Windows Insider Program. To do this, just go to the settings menu of your computer, then type “inside” in the search bar and open the item “Windows Insider Program SettingsAt this point, simply click on the Get Started button and follow the instructions to select the trial and channel where you can preview Insider builds, via Windows Update.

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Once you register in the program, to Download Windows 11 ISOs will be necessary Link to this page Sign in with the Microsoft account that is registered with Windows Insider. Once you are done, scroll down in front of a dropdown menu like the one you see in the image below, which will give you the possibility Download different Insider builds of Windows 11.

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