Home Tech Windows 10, changes to File Explorer will be available very soon

Windows 10, changes to File Explorer will be available very soon

Windows 10, changes to File Explorer will be available very soon

The update scheduled for October of Windows 10 operating system, Codenamed 21H2, will likely be one of the things Microsoft fans have come to expect for a very long time now. Redmond is preparing to bring a lot of improvements to the user interface and user experience for Windows 10, with a project called internally by the company. Sun Valley. The new Fluent Design Icons introduced in File Explorer are part of this Windows revamp and it’s great!

New Windows 10 21H2 Icons

Microsoft It will update File Explorer with some visual and functional changes. Announcing that the company itself is presenting the news in the form of a preview to Windows Insiders On the dedicated blog.

This update comes with it New icons For classic folders that can be easily seen in File Explorer, including Recycle Bin, system disks, documents, pictures, video folders, and many more.

Several changes have been changed, such as the orientation of the folder icons and the default file type icons, to achieve greater consistency between Microsoft products displaying files.He stated that Amanda Langowski, Head of Microsoft Windows Insider. “In particular, high-level user folders such as Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures have a new design that makes them easy to distinguish in a jiffy.“.

New Windows 10 21H2 Icons

Changing icons might seem like a minor change, but it is one of them Lots of changes Microsoft is planning to make to the Windows 10 user experience To make it more modern.

The company is expected to detail its plans for graphics and the future of Windows in the coming months as part of a dedicated event.

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New Windows 10 21H2 Icons

Icon updates will come together Changes to File Explorer layout. Microsoft is adding more spacing between elements in File Explorer and there will be a way to return the file manager to the compact and classic version. The updated user interface is slightly improved for devices with touch screens.

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