Home Tech Windows 10 21H1: The update is already on our computers

Windows 10 21H1: The update is already on our computers

Windows 10 21H1: The update is already on our computers

Windows 10 21H1 operating system It won’t be a large release, but it will include Little news. Currently update Available Only for those enrolled in the Insider Program, it will be distributed in the same procedure as Windows 10 20H2, or through a so-called “enablement package”.

Windows 10 21H1 is already present on computers

The method Microsoft used to issue the update has been tested successfully with the previous version of the operating system. Users will only need to download a small file.Empowerment package“(A few kilobytes) from Windows Update that installs Windows 10 21H1. The files are really Already present on computers, As downloaded, with the January and February 2021 cumulative updates.

To confirm, just search File Explorer with the term “21h1”. The result is:

Windows 10 21H1 package

So the files are already on the computer disk. Just “TransformationTo activate the installation procedure. Windows 10 21H1 is expected to include security patches released in recent months (they will only install if the operating system is not up to date) and some improvements targeted at companies.

For more substantial news we have to wait Windows 10 21H2 operating system. This would be a major release because the entire facade redesign, known as the Sun Valley. The announcement could take place between April and May, possibly during the conference Build 2021. On the same occasion, launch 10x windows.

However, the timing Latte Project. This is the project that will bring Android app on Windows 10, Taking advantage of the Windows subsystem for Linux. The apps will be distributed by the Windows Store, but only those that do not need Google Play Services. The first inspection is expected to take place in the second half of 2021.

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