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Willie Rainey stated that LibDem earnings will make all the difference to the Holyrood vote

Willie Rainey stated that LibDem earnings will make all the difference to the Holyrood vote

Willie Rainey said his résumé on LibDems’ Scottish Series of victories in the Scottish Election “will make a difference” in Holyrood’s vote on May 6.

In an apparent speech to the Palestinian Authority between a tour of Lamborghini and standing next to cake-making cars, Scottish leader Leibdemys said that his party “won seats in the last four elections in Scotland.”

Amid the noise of the engines, Rene declared: “The results obtained by the Liberal Democrats next Thursday will change the balance of Parliament, remove the referendum from the table for a period of five years and put the recovery first.”

“In fact, we got electoral districts and seats in the 2016, 2017 and 2019 elections and also in the 2019 European elections.”

There is a problem later. it’s the truth?

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First, let’s take a look at Rainey’s historic party performance in the Hollywood election.

In 1999, in the first ever vote of the Scottish Parliament, LibDems obtained 17 seats. This is a number Rainey’s party could not dream of now, and it repeated it in the 2003 Holyrood vote.

In 2007 they left one, so they had 16 MSPs in Hollywood. In the upcoming 2011 election, this fell off a slope and LibDems only reported five MSPs.

In 2016, Rennie’s team replicated that performance, again reporting five MSPs. For us, this is not a profit record, but a definite shift.

Now, even though the Holyrood election is to be held on Thursday, Rennie may not have spoken about the Holyrood election. LibDems has a habit of mixing sounds this way.

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Willie Rennie does his best to mimic the Top Gear test

Rene said he was talking about “the 2016, 2017 and 2019 elections as well as the European 2019 elections.”

So, in 2016, that should mean the Hollywood election. We’ve already seen LibDem maintain five MSPs and return the same number it was in 2011.

They lost their designated seats in that election, but gained two constituencies when Willie Rainey and Alex Cole Hamilton took their seats from the Scottish National Party.

In 2017, there was a general election in the United Kingdom. LibDems brought four Scottish MPs back to Westminster, three times their previous performances.

This is an advantage.

In the 2019 general election, LibDems also brought back four Scottish MPs. They get a seat, Northeast Fife, but lose another, East Donbartonshire.

Worse still, for Lib Democrats, the only place they lost was their then leader, Joe Swenson.

Most people may not see one MP gaining another loss, who is also your leader, as a net gain.

Rennie says this kind of LibDem win “will change the balance of Parliament”. Won’t you.

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In the 2019 European Parliament elections, LibDems already won a seat. They went from zero to one.

Unfortunately, those gains were wiped out just months later with Brexit, which is what they support now.

The reason for Rennie’s inclination to make these dubious claims should be obvious: she hopes to stick to the latest bits and clips related to her concert in Scotland (or the UK as a whole).

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The reason why Raini made the allegations while driving an Italian sports car early on a Saturday morning (sometime before 8:27 a.m. when the photos were published) nobody guesses.

National team:

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