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Will the New Super Mario Bros 3 Come for the Nintendo Switch? – Multiplayer.it

  Will the New Super Mario Bros 3 Come for the Nintendo Switch?  - Multiplayer.it

New Super Mario Bros 3 for every Nintendo Switch maybe you can be comingBased on what was reported by some sources that I discovered the existence of the address on Official Nintendo Site, Seemingly.

There is no official information on this topic, but it appears that the new Super Mario Bros 3 title has appeared on the company’s website, specifically for the Nintendo Switch, so it appears that it is New part From the series.

This is not the first time that rumors have surfaced in this regard, and such a title could be part of celebrations The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Which are repeated in these months, so having a game like this is not really out of this world, even if it still feels weird that way.

Anyway, among the tweets, there is also what appears to be one A screen shot It’s created on the Nintendo website page where it shows the track New Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nintendo Switch, which appears as a yet to be announced title. Obviously, it might have been a photo editing, but it is not excluded that it could have been an actual mistake in the anticipation of the product by the official website.

It has to be the new chapter in the series, in case it’s really on its way Two-dimensional platform Dedicated to Mario from Nintendo, a new game developed specifically for Nintendo Switch with the same style as the previous games, which restores the classic series setup but with new “2.5D” graphics. On the one hand, with all the rumors regarding a possible new Nintendo Direct, there might be room for such an announcement within the celebrations for Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, which also includes the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

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