Will Sony PlayStation take over the popular Konami series, announce it in 2022? – Multiplayer.it

     Will Sony PlayStation take over the popular Konami series, announce it in 2022?  - Multiplayer.it

    Sony PlayStation would be got the rights To develop and publish a The famous Konami seriesAccording to another rumor still revolving around the usual question about the return of historical Konami titles under the Sony brand, with the possibility that this title will be Announced by 2022.

    There are no exact details and this time no specific names were given gamesAlthough the main suspects are now known: “PlayStation has in particular acquired the intellectual property rights of a very famous Konami, which could be the game I referred to in previous leaks,” wrote the Twitter account VGnewsinsider, whose reliability has been somewhat discussed.

    “pioneer Information Next week,” he also wrote, referring to the week that has just begun or perhaps the following week, because the schedule does not make the phrase easy to explain. In any case, it is just a rumor that has no solid basis at the moment, so it should be taken lightly. But One thing is curious: the same source had previously talked about the return of the “best-selling” series, which will be announced at the end of 2022, which seems to be related to the last series. Thus, a presentation is given that could happen this year.

    The idea is that, even this rumor goes to insert itself into the cauldron of rumors that have been simmering for several years now: since practically before the launch of the PS5, the rumors about an offer have been very elusive. the silent Hill Exclusive to PS5 or PS4, developed in-house by Sony or by a team in collaboration.

    Several rumors related to the return of . have been added hard lime metal, which may be in the form of a remake or a new development of some kind, again by a team at PlayStation Studios or its affiliates. At this point, we’re not sure how to get the information on this, but we’re still waiting for any developments.

    On the other hand, Konami appears to have plans to revitalize its historical franchises such as Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill, so there is a chance of seeing revenue of this kind. In the meantime, I also forgot to renew the domain of Silent Hill’s official website and someone else took advantage of it.

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