Home World Will Famine be Declared in Gaza as Malnutrition Deaths Rise?

Will Famine be Declared in Gaza as Malnutrition Deaths Rise?

Will Famine be Declared in Gaza as Malnutrition Deaths Rise?

Aid agencies warn of famine risk in Gaza Strip as malnutrition crisis grows

The Gaza Strip is facing a dire humanitarian crisis as aid agencies have been sounding the alarm on the risk of famine for months. Concerns are growing over the impact of malnutrition in northern Gaza, where children are dying due to extreme scarcity of food.

At least 20 people have died of malnutrition in hospitals, with more believed to be dying silently at home. The World Health Organization has confirmed 10 child starvation deaths in northern Gaza alone.

While Israeli officials claim they are committed to humanitarian assistance and have not limited aid entering Gaza, the situation remains critical. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) has activated its famine review committee to assess the situation, describing it as an “emergency” phase.

Famine has not yet been declared in Gaza, but the criteria of extreme scarcity of food, acute malnutrition, and starvation deaths are being met. Declaring a famine involves a multistep process with consensus from a committee, with assessment posing challenges due to limited access.

Teams in Gaza are collecting real-time data for IPC analysis, but the current situation involves limited access to food, fuel, and water due to the blockade. Aid convoys are struggling to deliver essential supplies, particularly in northern Gaza, where recent incidents have highlighted the challenges faced.

The World Food Program is urging access to northern Gaza for the delivery of essential food supplies to prevent further deaths. As the crisis worsens, the international community is being called on to provide urgent support to avoid a full-scale famine in the region.

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