Will Annalisa marry? This is the future husband

    Will Annalisa marry?  This is the future husband

    Annalisa Maybe soon to get married. Are the rumors and gossip that have occurred in the past few weeks about the famous singer, which is currently being shown with songs Beautiful And my dear. It was the Savona News, his hometown newspaper, that reported on it, and he also unveiled it the assumed identity of her future husband.

    Annalisa is getting married: this is the husband

    Annalisa’s future husband is from Padua Savona News reports. He works in a sector other than music and entertainment, and is known for his professionalism in serving a tourism giant that has a lot to do with Liguria.” Then the site revealed his assumed identity: Khatib Annalisa He will be 42 years old Francesco Moglia.

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