Home entertainment Will Andy Serkis return to “Star Wars”? Fans hope so

Will Andy Serkis return to “Star Wars”? Fans hope so

Andy Serkis

Since Disney has revitalized star Wars With the rights to the epic, he shared a revolving door of known faces and voices. Among them is, as he does well, Andy Serkis.

The biggest name in motion capture history played a role in the first two episodes of the latest trilogy.

However, after Killed in Last seriousAnd the Some fans wonder if Serkis will return to the distant galaxy.

March of Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis | Stuart C Wilson / Stuart C Wilson / Getty Images

One might have a hard time finding an actor who has an imprint on many of the major movie franchises like Andy Serkis. Although his acting days stretch long before Lord of the rings Franchise, his role as Gollum changed how performance-based acting could be done forever. Computer-generated characters are no longer limited to animation.

WETA made it motion capture so that performances could be translated into the actor’s expressions and the actions behind them.

After making his name as Gollum, Serkis became a staple in several of the big-name franchises that incorporated similar technology. Who reunited with Peter Jackson in his new edition of King Kong For his ultimate portrayal of Caesar Planet of the Apes Trilogy, Serkis has become a different kind of family name in Hollywood.

He started getting more traditional acting work, like Ulysses Klaue in the MCU. His work in motion capture, however, remains his definite business. His brief but memorable role as Snoke the last time star Wars Trilogy has fans clamoring for more Serkis in the future of the saga as well.

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Snoke appeared briefly in Force awakens, The first from Disney star Wars Projects. Despite appearing in one scene, Snoke is set to be the biggest enemy of the new trilogy. By that time Last serious Two years later, Snoke was a powerful being that was bent on defeating the remaining Jedis and taking over the world.

After an apparent change of heart by the film’s other antagonist, Kylo Ren, Snoke is killed before getting his bright moments after the thrilling lightsaber battle that ended by cutting him in two.

Although Serkis returned with a short voice in the third film, his place is in star Wars The universe appears to be over.

However, recently, fans on Reddit have been hoping and expecting that while Snoke might not be more than that, Serkis might find his way again in star Wars The universe if its makers were willing to take it back.

Can Andy Serkis return to “Star Wars”?

By killing Snoke in only the second movie of the saga, many believed so star Wars Missed the opportunity to walk away from the formula and create an exciting new villain.

when Heavenly Rise He got out The Emperor brought back PalpatineLots of people doubled that. However, with a busy actor as Serkis, the idea of ​​a universe like star Wars Bring it back does not ring hollow.

Talk about Snoke’s effect on star Wars Saga, many of the character’s fans took to Reddit. They expressed their wish that Snoke had taken on the role of Palpatine in the next movie while also praising the scene where the character finally meets her torment.

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One fan wrote: “I hope Andy Serkis will one day come back to play another character because he’s so cool.”

Serkis isn’t getting acclaim just because he knows how to use technology. He uses this technology to make truly unforgettable performances and becomes any human or creature to play with.

Such as star Wars Deciding what happens next in the legendary canon, don’t be surprised if Serkis’ name appears on the rumor mill again and again. The guy who made a career playing Southern reality creatures fits the universe like a glove.

Although he has already done it once, Serkis has the scope to do it this time and again as long as he can perform.

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