Wi-Fi 6E: What is it and what improvements does the Wi-Fi 6 extension bring

    Wi-Fi 6E: What is it and what improvements does the Wi-Fi 6 extension bring
    Wi-Fi 6E: What is it and what improvements does the Wi-Fi 6 extension bring

    Alessandro Nodari

    Like any technology, wireless networks too WIFI Present Amazing development. We have already figured out the meaning Wifi 6 and in what Better previous standard WiFi 5but we did not yet have time to equip ourselves with routers, smart phone and the computer harmonic That new technology is already emerging around the corner: Wi-Fi 6E.

    At this point of course we have to explain What is this exactly Wi-Fi 6E Is that Benefits ensue compared to its predecessor. In an article explaining about Wifi 6 We have already submitted Some information base, but here we want to deepen the topic, trying to understand technology In the rule of thumb, what devices are compatible and at what point are you identification.


    What is Wi-Fi 6E?

    Always take up our article on Wifi 6 (802.11ax), we understand that this standard responds to specific need: to improve efficiency subordinate high density networks. but everything perfecttruly?

    The current problem is that Wi-Fi 6 uses the same thing Signal bands From Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), both are very crowded. using compare with traffic movement Already tapped into the other material, as if it were available Two-lane highway. The WiFi 5 It is a busy highway from Many small cars with a driver. The Wifi 6 Take advantage of buses to reduce traffic but available space stay the same And over time it becomes saturated. Signal bands are actually: Granted Spectrum Bands without a license By oversight bodies, and as mentioned there are two types:

    • Band A 2.4GHzThose offers Comprehensive coverage at the expense of lower speeds Which unfortunately is very crowded (and therefore full of confusionIt is also used in many devices such as baby monitors and microwave ovens
    • Band A 5 GHzthat allows higher speeds at one cost bottom coverwhich is congested due to outdated (i.e. outdated) Wi-Fi devices and networks.

    At this point we can see that there is a file problem: Regarding network technologies Wifi 6 let high efficiencyFor some applications, you need one New highway lane (Reserved for 6E vehicles), a new squad. Hence, the US regulatory authority (FCC) agreed to open a New 6GHz spectrum (frequency range 5925-7125MHz), while in Europe The band was approved in July 2021 (frequency band 5.945-6.425MHz). The commission was established by the way that must be appointed by member states By December 1, 2021 This frequency range, which makes it available on a non-exclusive basis.

    The new frequency range allows up to 1200 MHz of additional spectrum (from 400 MHz from the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands). Unlike existing bands where channels are currently crowded, the . file 6 GHz band It works similar to Wi-Fi 6 at 5 GHz, but provides Additional non-overlapping channelswithout confusion. according to Wi-Fi AllianceWi-Fi 6E allows “an additional 14 channels at 80MHz and 7 additional channels at 160MHz”.

    At this point, we understand that a file Wi-Fi 6E Represents an “extension” of the Wifi 6a space designated for Non-old devices, who will speak the same language and be able to use the new features of the standard. Here’s why Wi-Fi 6E is called that: It’s Wi-Fi 6, but at 6 GHz and it’s always the same. same standard 802.11ax.

    Wi-Fi 6E: Disadvantages

    Every technology has its gods ReverseAnd Wi-Fi 6E is no exception. In his case, it lies in the fact that the 6GHz wireless spectrum is used shorter wavelengthsGreat for fast and large data transfer, but with more difficulty traveling long distances and overcoming obstacles. So Wi-Fi 6E devices should stay close to each otherOtherwise, they will switch to the 5GHz band.

    Wi-Fi 6E vs. Wi-Fi 6

    Comparison between Wi-Fi 6E And the Wifi 6 So it can be understood in the above data, and by the fact that you created it dedicated space For non-old devices. Let’s summarize the differences:

    • Spectrum A 6 GHz faithful
    • Up to seven additional 160MHz channelsfor two Wi-Fi 6
    • higher bandwidth
    • higher speedsThe 6GHz band enables speeds of up to 1Gbps, with greater ease. Obviously the speeds do not change, but as we said custom squad Offer preferential pass for those applications you need (streaming, HD gaming)
    • lower latencyless than a millisecond

    Wi-Fi 6E: Speed

    As we have already said in our country analysis on Wi-Fi 6, This represents a quantum leap compared to previous standards, as we did not focus on increasing Peak speedbut to improve Speed ​​”per zone”that is, for me client Connected. The maximum speed They are in order 1 gigabit per secondbut it’s reserved for compatible devices only, so there’s less clutter and therefore greater performance.

    So we can understand that new standard So it opens up a number of possibilities for large data flows, such as

    • Virtual Reality
    • augmented reality
    • 8K . streaming

    Wi-Fi 6E: Compatible routers and devices

    Smartphone compatibility with Wi-Fi 6E

    Problems Suppliers And the bureaucratic difficulties For bandwidth adoption, they slow down Wi-Fi 6E adoption. Moreover, it must be said that the benefits of the new standard can be found only in specific use cases. However, here are the compatible devices.


    the first Compatible Devices with the Wi-Fi 6E They arrived only a few months ago, but we can expect that they will increase more and more. The first Wi-Fi 6E router presented in Italy was, if not the first, it ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 From Asus, it was launched in March this year. Then in May the eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi system was introduced AmazonNot to mention business-oriented solutions like Aruba Access Point 630.

    smart phone

    that they smart phone? Main devices compatible with Wi-Fi 6E Are these:

    Someone has noticed the lack of iPhone 13. Yes, prior to launch it seemed like it was supposed to be compatible with the 6E standard but then Nothing has been donewe’ll talk about it with iPhone 14. As usual, if you like to make sure Machine specifications, you can use our own specifications Online ToolEntry phone name At the top right you will see all technical features, including compatible connections and standards.


    As for the computerThe first of them will be released at the end of 2021 Compatible Devicessuch as the new Lenovo and HP laptops (MacBook Pro no). Intel Corporation For example, it offers its own Wi-Fi 6E modules under the name GIG+ while AMD and Mediatek have formed a partnership to produce their own modules.

    Wi-Fi 6E has spread all over the world

    Wi-Fi 6E has spread all over the world

    Source: Wi-Fi Alliance. Updated as of May 26, 2022

    As we understand, the opening of a new one space saver without licenses It creates a number of issues bureaucracy. We have seen how United State It was the first country to approve the 6 GHz band. Europe It succeeded only a year later but many countries are still far behind. And let’s consider that Wi-Fi 7 is close to us. In short, technologies are stalking each other, and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with these technologies!

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