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Why should you know Twich and learn to use it

Why should you know Twich and learn to use it

Twitch is an online platform for live broadcast creators. In addition to being a very popular hobby among young people, more and more people are choosing it to keep company while working smart or free time. We explain why

The platform is online Twitch It welcomes users who want to start their own broadcast or who are interested in watching others’ streaming. In addition to being an excellent and relatively unexplored marketing platform, broadcasters offer 360 degree entertainment and entertainment. What’s the difference with YouTube, you wonder? There is a beauty of live broadcast!

Although in reality it is a platform primarily dedicated to video games, many streaming players also share hobbies that are not strictly related to a laptop. There are broadcasters who cook, get their makeup chatting with their users, and others who simply want to share a message.

The first time you join Twitch

You probably already know it because your kids use it, and they’re moderately afraid that it might be an inappropriate platform. Depending on the type of content and parental filter that was entered, Twitch is a place Safe for all family members. The first thing to say is that in fact inappropriate content is reported and deleted immediately, so that it is no longer available to the public.

The first time you open Twitch, you will be asked to register and enter some of your main interests. If you are one The player (Also known as a player), you’ve likely already heard of Twitch because this is where the international esports tournaments are held. Overall, this is where the most popular YouTubers come to share their longest runs. Users like you connect to their Twitch channel and can click on their live video.

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At this point, you are not only connected to interesting content, but also to a community of people, like you, who share an interest in this activity. While watching a cooking or painting video, talk show, or following a podcast, you can share your views directly with other people who follow them. Banners too They read and comment on their conversationsAnd often they will be happy to answer your polite questions. This way, it becomes easier to keep engagement high and, above all, to meet people who share our same interests.

Especially video games but not only

The Video game It is an ideal stress reliever. It helps to decompress, de-stress or simply vent our need to escape reality a little. If the video game itself is a relaxing experience, watching someone play one of your favorite video games is completely therapeutic. Maybe you are in a hurry and do other things, or you just haven’t had the opportunity to purchase that particular title. Maybe you just want to learn how to play better and seek advice from other viewers.

Twitch, with hours and hours of streaming and entertainment – the videos remain saved and searchable at any time – is the perfect place to relax or get a better understanding of the game.

In addition to the wide availability of game titles, there are also many other categories. Chat, art, music, food, sport, ASMR (Independent sensory response to meridian), science and technology, Do you travelCrafts, politics, health, fitness or beauty to name a few.

This is the place to be He meets people from all over the world On the next excursion, on how to cook a foreign dish or simply take 40 minutes of daily exercise. Knowing that someone, even at home, is following the program just like you!

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How to search for new content on Twitch

Your homepage will be constantly updated on your page Listening language is preferred. For example, you might want to learn about English or German, or maybe relax with Italian signs. Moreover, the content will also undergo a similar transformation. If you are a foodie, then new cooking broadcasts and new content on the topic will be promoted to you every day. So you can expand your knowledge of the topic and connect with new fans like you.

Twitch is a completely free service. If you decide you want to support a specific channel, you can subscribe to it for a small monthly fee. The money will be split between the rights of Twitch and Streamer, who will receive a small reward for his work. You can also link your own Amazon Prime account announcement To subscribe for free, once a month, to a channel you like.

Twitch’s peculiarity is to unite creators with those who watch them. If YouTube creates a time barrier between videos and views, Twitch allows you to watch live videos, without cropping and without redaction, and ask questions to the player who will reply to you on the videos.

Who is using Twitch nowadays?

According to reports from the same platform, Twitch is important nowadays 28 million unique users per month Only in the United States. Average length of stay is 95 minutes a day and the reference age, especially in video games, is that of digital natives and teens.

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