Why does the United States appoint a special envoy for Libya?

    Perché gli Usa nominano un inviato speciale per la Libia

    The United States will have a special envoy for Libya. Ambassador Norland will follow up on the file to take the Dabaiba government in its hand towards the December elections

    The American ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, He was (also) appointed as a special envoy of the United States to Libya. Norland’s role comes at a critical time. Government Abdelhamid Dabaiba And it is supported almost by the entire international community, because it has a huge mission: to stabilize the country and lead it towards the elections that the United Nations has already set for December 24 – under its new executive auspices in Tripoli. If the future of Libya passes by the vote, the possibility of living that future passes through the ferryboat. If Libya is a construction site for a building to be restored, Dabaiba is preparing the critical initial stages, from constructing the scaffolding to strengthening the foundations.

    Norland has a far from hidden mission to bear the American weight in this ongoing process. A special envoy is needed for this; To confirm that Washington has an interest in the file, similar to Italy – which nominated an ambassador for the role Pascual Ferrara – And France. In all likelihood, the United States ’interest in the file links it not to direct causes, but to the fact that it realizes how the Libyan theater is the result of potential instability.

    On the one hand, it was and still is: just thinking that the southern lands of Libya are the organizational base for the various armed groups (including the jihadists) crossing the Sahel. Concern for the United States, increased by what happened in Chad: FACT, the rebels who killed the President Idris Deby A few weeks ago, they were hiding in Fezzan and from there began proceedings against N’Djamena.

    Norland himself had publicly followed this link, adding that there had also been the activities of Russian contractors for the Wagner Group, who had already trained Libyan rebels in Benghazi and would have been assisting FACT fighters. The Russian presence on the ground is another factor behind the United States’ intention to increase its diplomatic role in Libya. For Washington, it is simply inconceivable that the men from Moscow – who assisted the forces that wanted to overthrow the previous UN government while providing formal support to this executive from the permanent seat on the Security Council – are in Libya. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, in front of the strategic structures of the United States and NATO that overlook from Italy to the Strait of Sicily.

    A State Department statement said that Norland “will work closely with key partners to enhance efforts to keep the political process on the right track and to ensure the removal of foreign forces from Libya.” Italy is among these distinguished partners, as the Libya file is kept in the foreground by the government of Rome and is part of the ongoing dialogue with Washington.

    Along with Italy, there is Europe, which has an operational base with the “IRENI” mission on the file, and is verifying (on behalf of the United Nations) compliance with the embargo, which has been repeatedly violated by Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey. These are the last three partner countries of the United States, with which the Biden administration conducted a dialogue with the aim of achieving stability in the Middle East and North Africa region; Dialogue and stability, which are taking an important test in Libya.

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