Why did you ask to leave WWE? Mustafa Ali tells everything

    Perché ha chiesto di lasciare la WWE? Mustafa Ali racconta tutto

    Mustafa Ali broke his silence after asking to leave WWE earlier this year.

    The Raw Superstar handed its letter to WWE President Vince McMahon in January, and it was eventually rejected. As a result, the former 205 Live star took a “leave” from the company, leaving his career in limbo.

    Ali told WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, “I’m very comfortable talking about it. I think private conversations should be private. The reason it’s public is that that private conversation didn’t go anywhere. … Anyone He’s already worked with me and interacted with me as a human being, he knows how much I love this place. How much I love sports entertainment. How much I love wrestling. It’s the one thing she’s always wanted to do. For me it was even necessary to get to that point, and that’s the problem.”

    The truth about Mustafa Ali: “I can’t say everything in public”

    “Everyone judges action. They don’t judge the intent behind action – continued Ali -. And again, there are situations I can’t discuss publicly, but that’s what I would say about the whole thing. The only reason I got to this point was because it wasn’t There’s another option. It’s amazing the things you’ll do when you’re trapped and fighting to survive. I wouldn’t have done anything if I didn’t believe it, and I still support that choice to this day. I did what I had to do.”

    The former leader of the ill-fated Retribution Faction returned to television on April 25 and played a match against The Miz, but was later attacked by Ciampa. Ali has since returned to being a regular on WWE programming and recently challenged Theory for the United States Championship at home shows, while also touching on Raw.

    Ali signed with WWE in 2016 and participated in his first Cruiserweight Classic before finding a home at 205 Live, the exclusive lightweight show. Then the former police officer was transferred to SmackDown, where he participated in several matches and notable stories. Missing the big break that could have taken him straight to WrestleMania 35, he was completely removed from TV shows until he was revealed as the retribution leader.

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