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Whoever pays taxes will remain

Whoever pays taxes will remain

Immigrants seeking asylum in the United States near Rio Bravo, Mexico

Migrants seek asylum in the United States near Rio Bravo, Mexico – Reuters

Joe Biden will address the immigration issue without delay and present to the American Chamber, along with dozens of Democratic representatives, his reforms for the naturalization of 11 million illegal immigrants.

The reform represents the most bold proposal for immigration to the United States in the past 30 years, allowing all foreigners without a residence permit to immediately obtain the right to live, work, and study in the United States if they pass. Background check and approval to pay taxes.

After 5 years of study or work, immigrants can apply for permanent residency in the United States and the opportunity to obtain citizenship after three more years. Thus, the maximum duration of the trip, from fear of being deported to a US passport, would be eight years. The bill would also remove family restrictions, aThis makes it easier and faster for spouses and children to join their loved ones who are already in the country.

The visas for workers will be expanded to allow more foreigners to enter the United States to perform their services. In this way Biden intends to keep a series of electoral promises, including ensuring a path toward citizenship for undocumented immigrants, starting with dreamerForeigners who arrived in the United States as children follow their parents.

The radical upheaval in relation to the Donald Trump administration also comes from the choices of language used in the text: The term is replaced alienForeign with that Not citizen The US President stressed that it “reflects in a better way the feelings of President Biden towards immigration.”

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The law will also guarantee quick access to Green card And also for seasonal agricultural workers and refugees who entered the United States in the 1990s with temporary refugee status. If passed, it would be the first major immigration reform passed by Congress since 1996, after several attempts and failures by other presidents. But even if the Democrats control Congress, the Senate needs at least 10 Republicans to vote to overcome the hurdles and push the proposal forward. And their support is never guaranteed.

Republicans, who have already postponed Homeland Security’s confirmation to protest Biden’s order to halt construction of the wall with Mexico, believe the new immigration policy is too drastic, lest it trigger an attack on the southern border. The measure also comes at a time when the president and Democratic lawmakers are already grappling with another important legislative pledge: approving a 1.9 trillion aid package for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the executive order that Biden allowed refugees who sought asylum under the Trump administration but had to wait in Mexico for a hearing before a judge in Mexico.. There will be three land border posts where people with pending asylum cases will be welcomed. The first group will take care of about 25,000 refugees, who will be accepted at a rate of 300 per day.

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