Who should do it and how does it work


    Pay attention to the 730/2022 deadline: All certified taxpayers can consult and download a pre-filled 2022 form directly from the Revenue Agency website. Let’s see in detail when to do this, when and what procedures to follow.


    There is plenty of time until the next day September 30 to redirect Model 730/2022.

    It is possible on the website of the Revenue Agency Consult, edit and download the pre-filled documentafter authentication via SPID, CIE or CNS.

    Let’s see in the next article who should do this and how the procedure works.

    Form 730 pre-filled by September 30

    Revenue Agency 1200 & # 215;  675

    Model should be 730/2022 Broadcasting by September 30th.

    Taxpayers can refer to a pre-filled Form 730 online by accessingReserved area for revenue agency website and authentication via SPID, CIE or CNS.

    Within the Service, it is possible to view, amend and/or complete your acknowledgment before it is sent to the Agency. Once sent, the ad It remains viewable and downloadable within their approved area.

    Pre-filled Form 730: Who should file it

    revenue agency

    The Form 730 prefilled 2022 These may be sent to the Revenue Agency by those who, in tax year 2021, have imposed one or more of the following Income types:

    • retirement income,
    • Fixed-term employment income, if the employment relationship lasted at least from April to July 2022, if the 730 was filed through a tax withholding agent (employer),
    • Labor income, if the return is provided by sufficient employees, if the fixed-term employment relationship lasts at least from June to July 2022;
    • permanent employment income (including Italians working abroad, when income is determined on the basis of traditional annual salaries);
    • Income from unemployment, mobility and layoffs in Naspi, dis-coll;
    • Income earned as school workers is unstable, with a fixed-term employment contract, if the contract starts from September of the year 2021 until June 2022;
    • income of cooperative members;
    • priests’ wages;
    • salaries of constitutional judges, parliamentarians and other persons holding public office;
    • Remuneration for independent work within the organization for employees of the National Health Service;
    • Income from self-employment at times.

    They can also submit a pre-filled Form 730 heirs Who filed the tax return on behalf of deceased relatives and agricultural producers are exempt from filing 770 Irap and VAT returns.

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