Who is the expert in photo and armocromia

    Who is the expert in photo and armocromia

    Communication via social media, the gradual ageing of employees and CEOs, and smart work over the past two years have shaken models and aesthetic norms, showing that the image is not just about the superficial and outward side of a person, but the help Transfer important messages it’s at Strengthening our role In and outside the workplace. Explains it very well Rosella Milicio in his professional Elle is active! by title “The power of the image and the image of power“.

    “Image is an inseparable part of us and can play an important role in establishing women in power – entrepreneur and consultant, author of many bestsellers – begins. When women succeed, it is success for all of us. Because they say we can all do it and choosing appearance helps. in supporting their role. It is no coincidence that we have an accurate picture of women with power.” But does the character or his image come first? “Studying her image helps in creating the character, determining her success,” continues Rossella Miliccio, who outlines some of the goals behind creating her own image.

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    The picture allows first of all He distinguishes. You see it so well in the world of show business and entertainment that looks make a celebrity instantly recognizable. The most striking case is the case of Queen Elizabeth Who used to say, “If I wear beige, no one will notice me.” For the deceased king, the choice of colored suits, which became his hallmark, was a mandatory choice dictated by reasons of safety, but also by the desire to make themselves known in the crowd. Another example is represented by Angela Merkel, who set out on a path of color to make her way through a group of male heads of government. An alternative might beHomogeneity as an equivalence option. We’ve seen it with the inauguration of Giorgia Meloni in the new government, in a completely dark suit to send a subtle message of continuity without emphasizing at any cost that there is something different just to have a woman in power.

    The correct image also allows you to plug in the values And in this the United States masters. Wear white, historically associated with women’s suffrage, indicates a certain affiliation and reinforces the image of female unity. But we also saw it with Kamala Harris, who used purple a lot when Biden took office. Purple, a secondary color, is the sum of red and blue, the two colors of American bipartisanship: a symbol of post-hot campaign cohesion. Speaking of colored coats, one cannot help but recall the amusing episode four years ago in which Nancy Pelosi left the room after a quarrel with Donald Trump in a fiery red coat: her fiery coat from Zara, who returned her head to the trade for her success, is a gesture A challenge because red is the color of power that is used in the institutional sphere to give a strong image. And Hillary Clinton herself used a lot of it on the campaign trail.” But a photo is also a tool to show belongingWe saw this with Ursula von der Leyen, who chaired the European Commission’s meeting with the colors of Ukraine. But Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, also reminds us of this, who, in her corporate role, has become the spokeswoman for her country’s fashion brands. Georgia Meloni herself made a patriotic choice in her own way, choosing for her first suits the signature of Giorgio Armani, the world’s icon of Italian style.

    From the color to the shape, the dress says a lot not only about us, but also about the area we work in, confirms Rossella Miliccio. “There are occasions when a dress code applies and must be respected, but More and more entrepreneurs today are giving a different picture of the past and this should help us dismantle prejudices. You see it every day with Chiara Ferragnibut also with Cristina Fogazzi aka Cynical Beautician, CEO of Veralabwith Francesca Pelletini, CEO of Saint Laurent, and the same Miuccia Prada, who now chose his signature jackets as his uniform. “We are the ones who make our image because we make the way our appearance tells us. When we stand out as people, we go out with all of ourselves, head-to-toe, sneakers included, that Kamala Harris chooses for her photo shoot. Let’s move past the old styles, without fear of Boldness or become slaves to the outside. The search for beauty is natural, beauty becomes a name and a title a problem.” Because, as Karl Lagerfeld said, “Personality begins when comparison ends.”

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