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Who is Shez Kane? Interview with the British singer

Chi è Chez Kane, l’intervista alla cantante britannica

Chez Kane one Singer A British rock woman that recently published for him album for the first timeat ken“.

there he is the interview Care Fabio Loveredo Alok.

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Hello Shezz, how are you? Introduce yourself to the Italian audience.

Hello everyone, thanks for the welcome! I’m good thanks. I’m Chez Kane and I’ve just released my first Frontiers Records album where I work alongside Crazy Lixx Frontman Danny Rexon.

How did your album songs come about?

All songs written and produced by Danny Rickson.

Hard rock sound, is this your style of music?

Sure, my first love of rock music was Def Leppard, I’m a huge fan of them and I know this project is destined to have those musical influences.

What is the meaning of the texts?

This is something I only think Danny Rickson can answer because he wrote the songs.

What are your musical influences? Voices and teams?

I have a lot. My first influence was my father, who is also a singer and I’ve always wanted to be just like him, so I followed in his footsteps. Then I got the influence of being a rock singer when I first discovered Def Leppard. Over the years she has been influenced by many bands and singers. Alter Bridge, HEAT, Vixen, Robin Beck… and many more.

Your album comes out in complete emergency. What do you think of all this?

It’s not perfect, but fortunately I was able to create the album while I was locked up in Wales. It wasn’t the original plan and it set us back about 6 months, but I’m so glad I was able to finish and release the album during this pandemic. I hope my album makes people smile and release happy and positive vibes because this is the style of music I listened to during the pandemic to make me feel better.

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How I Met the Guys from Frontiers Records

Through Danny Rickson, I am very fortunate that they found me.

Already planning a tour at the end of the emergency?

Not yet, but hopefully it won’t be long before I can head out for a ride. Everything is still up in the air in the UK so I take each day as it comes and I hope… soon on tour!!! Fingers intertwined. Ahahahaha!!

Do you have a passion other than music?

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