Home Economy Who are the VAT numbers that will not receive contributions?

Who are the VAT numbers that will not receive contributions?

Who are the VAT numbers that will not receive contributions?

The Tax and Labor Ordinance Hectare Deleted Contribution lost money to big job. This clause, which was published in the Official Gazette on July 1 and is effective from the next day, contains a series of important measures related to both the tax plan and employment, without losing sight of incentives for companies.

Legislative Decree 99/2021 changes the cards on the table regarding cashback, and puts them on standby for a period of six months (that is, until January 2022), in the meantime it “hijacks” resources on other measures: the same fate fell on 2.12 billion Euros are intended for potential new recipients of non-repayable contributions from DL Sostegni bis.

Cancellation Lost Money: Whose VAT numbers are not included

Among the actions prohibited by the Tax and Labor Ordinance, there is also the non-reimbursable contribution from Sostegni bis intended for companies and professionals With Revenue and fees Give 10 to 15 million Euro in 2020.

The beneficiaries did not understand at first Big VAT numbers, but given the excess of allocated and unused resources in payments of the lump sum, it was believed that there was an increase in the number of potential beneficiaries of the non-reimbursable fund.

For this reason, the text of the Sostegni bis decree left open space for these categories, linking the possibility of applying for the non-reimbursable fund on Resource Verification It remained available from the first grant.

Legislative Decree 99/2021 abolishes this option, by deleting paragraph 30 of Article 1 of Sostegni bis.

Lost Money, Goodbye New Beneficiaries: How Will Resources Be Used?

Just as the cashback resources (suspended for the next six months) will be used for other measures, the 2.12 billion euros “remaining” from the first non-reimbursable fund will also be used to finance measures such as:

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The new decree, we remind you, will become an amendment to the DL Sostegni bis, which is currently being converted into law, by July 24.

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