Who are the Parthenon Marbles, Greece, Britain?

    Who are the Parthenon Marbles, Greece, Britain?

    The Parthenon Marbles, an archaeological treasure inherited by Britain since the days of the British Empire and claimed by Greece, can be resumed.SoAthens Road.

    Hypothesis A is about to come true lend” long-term. In short, in essence, one return Disguised, even if Lawsuits Between Greece and the UK will not officially close immediately.

    Marble Parthenon Athens London
    Greece and the United Kingdom are close to reaching an agreement for a permanent “loan” by the British Museum of the Parthenon frieze on the Acropolis, which will thus return to where it should be. Photo by Ansa/Epa Orestis Panagiotou

    possible understanding

    Written by the English newspaper today The Daily Telegraph who appeals progress Indeed it has been repeatedly circulated in the media. Or reckless that he will be a step away from it possible understanding between the The British Museum to London – who carries Possession of the Parthenon Marbles – and the Authority Hellenism. An agreement unable to settle the dispute definitively, but still represents a solubility gesture. The point is, the demands of Greece for the restoration of the Parthenon Marbles in Athens never stopped and they do not now. So the agreement in sight would be a The critical first step.

    According to the The Daily Telegraphme Negotiation I’m in one advanced stage and the head of the museum, George OsbornePreviously minister And the Advisor affiliate Chess boards in the Conservative government David Cameronindicates inclusion lend affiliate marble under a broader agreement tocultural exchanges” Brother Great Britain And the Greece. “Talks are ongoing and will continue into the new yearJust started, limited to repeating the spokes The British Museum. restore court shuffle stay in Moment Excludedaccording to official statements by Londonon a base directione Come governments and ad hoc legislation passed by Parliament.

    Marble Parthenon Vatican Museums Pope Francis
    One of the three fragments of the Parthenon carefully preserved for centuries in the papal collections and in the Vatican Museums that was donated by the Pope to His Beatitude Jerome II, Archbishop of Athens, on December 16, 2022. Photo Ansa / Vatican Museums

    The Parthenon, a dispute over ownership

    Athens calls instead as a file trulyFor more than a century, the Flood Property On the Parthenon Marbles, a priceless treasure consists of a long frieze 75 metres (The frieze was separated from the rest of the structure). the The British Museum It also preserves one of the famous caryatids removed from a smaller temple adjacent to the Acropolis in Athens. over there Greece He claims that all these archaeological treasures found in England are in fact the result of “LootingMade in the time of Ottoman Turkish domination.

    For their part, however, i British They insist they have taken over Frieze of the Parthenon and some caryatids affiliateAcropolis Thank you “for a legal purchaseThis is the fact that in 1802 Lord Elgin – a Scottish aristocrat, patron and diplomat in the service of the empire – bought the frieze separated from the temple and then sold it to The British Museum to London Where still. In short, from a historical-legal point of view, the situation still seems unlocked. But from a political point of view, both London and Athens are ready to come to an agreement on this ancient issue.

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