Home entertainment While waiting for the European Health Card, the tourist countries are organizing...

While waiting for the European Health Card, the tourist countries are organizing themselves

While waiting for the European Health Card, the tourist countries are organizing themselves

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The crew of the cruise ship “Costa Smeralda” in Savona, Genoa (Italy) at 1 pmit’s a May.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN


France, the world leader in serving 90 million tourists in 2019, announced a multi-stage recovery program between May 19, with stores, museums, theaters, counters and amphitheaters reopening on June 9 in cafes and restaurants. It will be able to reopen indoors and on June 30th, tourists will be welcomed with a health card and virtual return to normal.

This program remains subject to a condition that the infection rate remains below 400 per 100,000. on the other side, “Emergency brakesHealth services can be activated.


Greece, which reopened its balconies on May 3, relies on its islands ‘Free from COVID’ Tourism renaissance. Much work has been done to complete the grafting of the islands in mid-May to accommodate the millions of tourists who come each year.

The private beaches reopened on Saturday April 15, the museums will continue on May 14, open-air cinemas on May 21 at reduced capacity and theaters on May 28.

Since mid-April, the country has lifted the mandatory seven-day quarantine for travelers permanently residing in member states of the European Union and the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. .

Cruise passengers are also welcome at the country’s ports, where tourism accounts for more than 20% of GDP, according to World Trade and Tourism Council (WTTC), which brings together major tour operators from around the world.

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Outdoor caf├ęs in Greece, as well as here in Athens, reopened on May 10, in preparation for summer.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN


In 2019, Spain welcomed 83.5 million foreigners, making it the second largest tourist destination in the world. In 2020, the country, which has been severely affected by COVID, saw its recurrence decrease by 77%.

With bars, museums, restaurants and theaters opening continuously since June 2020, the Madrid region, the most tolerated in Spain, has become a haven for European tourists, especially the French, who have managed to enter, as in Spain. In the past months. . , With the only requirement being a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours.

Since Sunday May 9, Spaniards have also been allowed to leave their area and curfews have been suspended, except for the Balearic Islands or the Valencian Community, which had to get the green light from the courts.

Tourism accounts for 14.1% of GDP, according to the WTTC.


For the return of foreign tourists, Italy intends to present the national passport for vaccinations starting in the second half of May, one month before the introduction of the European passport announced by the European Commission.

It will be allowed to travel to all regions and it will be issued according to the same European conditions: vaccination or taking COVID-19, support for serological tests or presenting negative tests for the virus. This Italian corridor ”It is valid for everyone, and therefore also and above all for tourists outside the European Union. ” Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia said.

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The United States and Great Britain account for more than 30% of foreign arrivals in Italy, they are tourists who spend a lotThis is for clarification.

Also resumed cruises in Italian ports. Bars and restaurants can now serve their customers outdoors.

Italy welcomed 64.5 million travelers in 2019, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


The island of Malta, which welcomed 2.8 million tourists in 2019 according to the World Tourism Organization, is offering a reward of up to 200 euros per person for stays of at least three nights in a star hotel. That amount, which has to be spent right away, increases by 10% if you stay on Gozo. This offer is limited to the first 38,000 reservations.

Depending on the development of the outbreak in your country and the focus of the recent map published by the European Union, Malta may require a vaccination or negative polymerase reaction (PCR) test of less than 72 hours.


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