Where do you find a piece of Portugal, Italy and Malta in the UK?

    Where do you find a piece of Portugal, Italy and Malta in the UK?

    If you’ve been fully vaccinated, congratulations – both Portugal and Malta welcome you this summer. However, tightening rules for both countries coming to the UK will ban travel for those awaiting a second strike. Also, Portuguese landscapes are included in the amber list (Madeira’s green list has many limitations).

    Until our government mitigates the need for immigrant nationals to return to the UK, it will be impossible for many to remain in Lisbon, the Carve or Porto.

    Italy’s rules are strict: travel from the UK, regardless of your vaccination status. See five days of self-isolation upon arrival.

    But for those who have to put off travel for favorite vacations, you can temporarily satisfy your wanderlust on your land: explore our beaches or book a stay at one of the top-rated golf hotels until you head to Portugal; Enjoy the sights of Italy lovingly reflected in the ruins of ardent Italians; Or explore port stories that challenge Malta’s maritime heritage. Heres how to do it…


    Can’t find your own Alcorf Golf solution? Go to Scotland

    The Algarve’s climate is one of its strongest characteristics as an international golf destination. Another attraction is the landscape, and of course Scotland has its attractions. The game of modern golf, rooted in the local culture since the Middle Ages, was established in this native country. The rain is very dangerous in Scotland and the moments of clear skies can be very blissful.

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