When can you not withdraw from an ATM? “beyond belief”

     When can you not withdraw from an ATM?

    For a few years now, the push and pull between two of the major advocates of electronic money has been “declining”: those who follow the line of current governments, increasingly aiming to reduce cash and cash in the medium-long term and instead consider the latter still essential to the trend. current economic. Criticism is still an important part of Italians’ lives, even more so than in other countries. Even a normal procedure such as withdrawing from an ATM can be “complicated”.

    less money

    Despite this, electronic money such as ATMs, cards and bank transfers now represent an important part of the Italian economic fabric, and the trend by the state is to give more and more space to these payment instruments. The reason is simple: since it can be tracked, it is more manageable and “controllable” by the state to avoid any irregular transactions or even part of criminal organizations.

    When can you not withdraw from an ATM? “beyond belief”

    The idea is to say “goodbye” to cash as quickly as possible, even if this still-in-progress process and started many years ago, on the contrary, will take many years to verify its completeness. However, also the number of branches ATM Automated teller machines are dwindling, a delicate and practical option on the part of banks that are in turn becoming increasingly “digital”. Some of the famous lenders are like Lenders ING . group (Like Conto Arancio) they have already given up their “physical presence” on our territory since last year, and Banca BPER has also decided on this line (even if there are still many ATMs). This entails a new problem that must be addressed, that of the interchange fee, that is, the additional amount already in place for many years, which is paid when making a withdrawal from a bank that does not belong to the owner.

    The bank’s commission could disappear in the face of flexibility and if this is indeed confirmed (the antitrust will decide in the coming weeks), the commission amount, currently set at 49 cents, could triple.

    ATM did not enable withdrawals from ATM fine

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