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When can you get your money back

When can you get your money back

The Rai license fee is a mandatory tax, but in some cases a refund is possible. Specific cases where this is possible

Rai license fee

The Rai license fee It is a tax that no one can escape from. After years in which many citizens fled, it was included in the Electricity Bills It is practically impossible to evade.

Total cost 90 euros per year distributed over the various electricity bills which are delivered to us every two months. There are rare cases Circumstances in which this cost can be avoided, Which can be quite well thought out in the long run. In order to submit an appropriate application torevenue agency You must fall into one of the following situations.

Rai license fees: cases in which a refund can be requested

Basically, there are two categories, if they have already paid, they can request to return a file Money. On the other hand, if the amount is not paid, you can continue The exemption, which nevertheless requires a series of different rules and timings.

With regard to the subjects likely to be reimbursed they are Seniors over the age of 75 with an annual income of less than 8000 thousand euros NS Those who are able to ensure that they do not own a TV at home.

There are also other special exceptions, perhaps less well known, but very important at the same time. This is what they are.

  • Exemptions due to international agreements (eg foreign military and diplomats). Of course, a specific alternative permit is required.
  • Who paid the fee by deducting electricity bills and at the same time paying the amount provided in another way through the pension,
  • Those who paid the tax in the traditional way for electricity bills and realized that another member of the same registry family also did the same process.
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The form can be submitted electronically By the owner of the electricity user, through Revenue Agency website. The alternative is to apply via registered parcel (with valid document attached) to the next address: Revenue Agency – First Regional Directorate of Turin – Canon Television Office – P.O. Box 22 – 10121 Turin.

The repayment directly by Electricity supply company By entering the first useful invoice. If the company does not do this, it will be directlyadd to arrange compensation.

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